The Most Important SEO Experts Tips That You Must Know to Create a Solid Marketing Strategy

The Most Important SEO Experts Tips That You Must Know to Create a Solid Marketing Strategy

There are different SEO expert recommendations you can find. But the tips we mention below are proven to work. So, let’s get started. 

SEO Expert’s Recommendations When Optimizing Your Site 

Insert Keywords in the Proper Places 

These are the best places to add your keyword: 

  • Title Tag
  • Page URL
  • First 100 words of your content 

You need to add the exact term in these places. However, make sure to add them naturally. 

Let Users Stay on Site Longer 

When users land on your page, they must stay longer. If they don’t, Google will consider it a sign that your page doesn’t fulfill the user’s intent. As a result, it will downrank you because your page doesn’t make users happy. Thus, make sure that your content is easy to read by using bullets and subheadings. 

Search for Suggest Keywords

You can use them as your subheadings. There are various tools to find suggested keywords. In addition to Google, you can also use Wikipedia, Bing, and YouTube. 

Get Rid of Sites with no Traffic 

This strategy is called pruning your pages. If some of your pages don’t bring any traffic at all, it is best to just delete them. Getting rid of them may help your site rank higher. This strategy works because Google doesn’t link ranking sites with thin, low-quality content. Google prefers one stronger page to smaller pages. 

Conduct a Study About Your Industry

It’s one of the best ways to get backlinks from authority sites. When you publish an industry study, you don’t have to reach out to bloggers to link to your page. They’ll just do it. 

Insert Text into Infographics and Visual Content

Visual content is good but Google can’t understand it. Thus, make sure to add plenty of text that goes along with it. Thus, instead of just adding infographics, make sure to add high-quality content to describe the infographic or to support it. 

Boost Your Site’s Speed 

Google uses site speed as a ranking factor. If your site is too slow, Google will downrank it. One effective way to boost your site’s speed is to use a CDN. But it really depends on your site. Test your site speed with CDN turned on and off. Also, limit third-party scripts as they slow things down. 

Add a Q&A Section 

This is one way to increase your page’s chances of landing on Featured Snippets. But make sure that this section offers value to your audience and that it answers the question properly. 

Publish More Guest Posts

It’s not that easy to find sites to guest post on. But you can try this trick. First, you should find someone whose guests post a lot. Use LinkedIn to find their profiles. Then, grab their headshot and use Google reverse image search. 

Unfortunately, finding sites to guest post on can be tricky and time-consuming. But it is one of the SEO expert’s recommendations you must not ignore. If it’s challenging for you, let us help you. Contact our SEO team today to know more: (855) 605-7361.