The Message for Marketers from Super Bowl Ad Analysis 

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You can usually tell the quality of the Super Bowl by how much people are talking about the ads after the game. 

This year, as the game was more or less over in the first half, there’s been quite a bit of post-game ad analysis. 

Even if the game had come down to the wire, the ads would’ve probably been a popular topic of discussion. 

After all, no Super Bowl has ever been played during a global pandemic. Companies advertising during the Super Bowl faced just about all of the same challenges that smaller businesses do in their own marketing. 

As we went through the post-game ad analysis at our professional web design and SEO agency, one message for companies stood out. 



What You Can Take from Conflicting Reports 


This article contained many Super Bowl ad reactions. 

I was struck by reactions to perhaps the most-discussed ad, the Jeep ad featuring Bruce Springsteen. 

One creative director said about the ad: “it’s like everything is in the right place. That’s the kind of an ad and message we expect from big brands.” 

Another creative director said: “It rang super hollow despite having the Boss and being well executed. It was cringe inducing after the year we’ve had.” 

The message here is: you can’t please everybody. 

Even a multi-million dollar ad spent during the Super Bowl, featuring a globally-recognized brand (Jeep) as well as a globally-recognized icon (Springsteen) speaking an inclusive message of coming together… rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. 

If that kind of ad will give some people that reaction, then any ad could. 

When you’re putting together social media posts, video content, podcasts, and more for your business, it’s natural and normal to want to appeal to as many people as you can. Yet, there’s always going to be someone who thinks it’s “cringe,” who thinks it rings “super hollow.” 

You can’t avoid that, not entirely. 

Moreover, you can’t let that stop you from putting your company out there. 

You can put together the best content and marketing for your company. There’s another action you can take… 



The Importance of Targeting


The better you can target your potential audience, the better off you’ll be. 

One of our jobs at our professional web design and SEO agency is to find better ways to do this for our clients. 

There are a few recent examples in this article. 

The one that’s very appropriate for our current discussion here: embracing “narrowing the scope of your audience for Facebook ads.” 

Look at how the demographics of those ads can be adjusted. 

Like it says, “beyond age, gender, and geography, consider interests and previous purchase history.” 

You can toggle all of those till you find the one that’s exactly right for your company. 

Or, alternatively, you can let us find it for you. 

Making sure that your marketing is targeted at the right people can help your company to grow exponentially, whether you’re advertising on the Super Bowl, your own YouTube page, or anywhere else. For more help: (888) 477-9540.