The Many Meanings of Words: Shifting Your Marketing When You Have To 

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Have you been trying to figure out a better way to market your goods or services to this moment? Do you know how your products can help people now but aren’t sure where to start? This is perfectly understandable. After all, it’s not like there’s any real way to prepare for a global pandemic. Even a few months in, it makes sense that you might not know exactly how to proceed. 


There are plenty of companies, big and small, who have found a way to successfully pivot. Yes, some may be able to do it easier than others, but everyone can do something. Let’s use an example of a company you’ve definitely heard of: Jeep. 


Multiple Definitions of “Freedom” 


In this great interview that Olivier Francois, the Chief Marketing Officer of (what’s basically) Jeep gave to Forbes, you’ll find that Jeep was presented with a unique challenge during this pandemic. When you think of “Jeep,” what do you think of? 


If you’re like most of us, you think of “the outdoors,” “off-roading,” “long trips,” etc. That’s a real problem when for much of the pandemic (and even as many places extend shutdowns or start them again) people were told to and wanted to stay inside. 


So, Jeep changed. They pivoted. As Mr. Francois says: “Our (Jeep’s) core messages have truly remained the same with a focus on freedom, adventure, authenticity, and celebrating the passion of those who make, sell, and buy our products.” They even released a video which “spoke symbolically to the little freedoms we’ve had during quarantine such as just walking your dog or picking up food curbside.” 


Don’t dismiss that just as “sales speak.” He’s really on to something there. “Freedom” can mean “the freedom to go outside and explore,” yes, but it can also mean “the freedom to be at home, to not go out, to do those things.” 


All of that still fits with Jeep’s brand. They didn’t change anything that they stood for, and yet they were able to keep it fully in concert with their brand, what they do, and so forth. 


You could be saying: “well, sure. That’s Jeep. They’re a multimillion-dollar, global company with an established brand.” That’s all true, but there’s something here for your company, too. 


Maintain Your Core Messages While Shifting Your Focus 


When you think of your company, of the “core messages” that you have, what comes to mind? Is it something similar to Jeep’s, the “freedom, adventure, authenticity,” or is it something different? Whatever it might be, see if there’s a way you can shift them or spin them to better fit this moment. 


A restaurant that’s always promoted an “elegant dining experience” can continue to talk about that. It’s just that not they’d do it through the context of offering food for pickup or delivery so that you could have an “elegant dining experience” in your home. 


The company that’s always emphasized “glam” can still live by that, they would just incorporate how to be your most “glam” in “Zoom meetings,” or some other kind of video conference. 


These are seemingly small, almost tiny shifts, but they can make a world of difference in connecting to your customers. 


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