The Many Changes Of Google’s Algorithm And How To Adapt Them For Your SEO In 2019

googles algorithm
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Each year, Google changes its search engine ranking algorithm approximately 600 times. The changes are necessary to help the company in ranking brands accurately. Danny Star and his team at Website Depot track those changes to help them create SEO strategies for their clients.

Ways Google Modified Its SERP

Secure Websites

Last year, Google’s Chrome began categorizing sites with no HTTPs as not secure. The majority of all sites have HTTPS encryption. Unfortunately, the remaining sites are more likely to be punished by Google.

When ranking sites, Google prioritizes secure websites. The reason for this is that it wants its users to be immune to hackers. It also makes sure that information is more solid and it improves user experience as it protects consumers.

To make your site secure, you must buy an SSL certificate. Ensure that you activate and install it. You should also consider hosting a dedicated IP address for your site and update it so it utilizes the HTTPs.

Our web development team in Los Angeles can help you migrate your unsecured site to HTTPS.

googles algorithm

Mobile Speed

A typical mobile web page takes more than 15 seconds to load completely. Unfortunately, the majority of site visitors will abandon a site that takes over three seconds to load.

In 2018, Google announced that it would begin emphasizing on mobile site speed. The announcement put more emphasis on having a fast-loading site on each platform to enhance rankings.

But improving your site’s loading time is not just for Google to increase your ranking. It is also to better user experience.

For that reason, our web developers at Website Depot utilize a tool that compresses image file size. We persistently monitor and analyze server response time.

We also find ways to reduce the redirects on our clients’ websites. Furthermore, our team ensures that our clients’ websites’ content loads from the top down.

Early 2019, SEO experts, including Danny Star noticed several changes in Google’s SERP. One of them is the change in keyword difficulties. The search engine giant has not confirmed yet whether or not it modified its algorithm. Then again, it is safe to conclude that major SEO algorithm updates might likely to arise.

Whether or not Google will release a major update to its algorithm in 2019, the best way to stay on top of the SERP is to partner with a leading search engine optimization company, like Website Depot.

SEO is complicated. It includes several strategies. As an entrepreneur, you do not have time to learn SEO. That’s why successful online entrepreneurs utilize the services of Website Depot to help them generate leads and boost their sites’ traffic. As a result, they experience higher conversions and revenues. They can also focus on how to improve their products and services and leave the SEO part to us.

If you wish to gain targeted organic traffic, you must only work with our qualified SEO experts at Website Depot. Our team can help you navigate the evolving Google’s algorithm successfully. Call our experts today for a consultation (888) 477-9540.