The Higher the Quality of Your Content, the Better Off You’ll Be 

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I almost titled this post “Remember, Google is a Business.” That’s not always easy to remember. For many of us, (myself included) Google is a kind of utility, like the provider of our water or electricity.  We think of Google as a thing that is always just “there,” doing its job, as opposed to a business that exists to make money. How that happens, of course, is in a part through having more people (like myself) use their search engine. 


That means Google is highly interested in putting the highest quality content, goods, and services at the top of their searches. To use an analogy, think of Google like a store. 


Search Engine as Storefront 


Imagine that there were two stores in your neighborhood. Both of these were “big box” stores, so they had many different kinds of items (groceries, clothes, electronics, and more) that you might want. 


You go into one of the stores, and it has everything that you might need clearly laid out. The best products are put in easy to reach areas, clearly visible from the moment that you walk in. Whether you’re buying food, getting a new TV, shopping for clothes or anything else, you can find something great here. 


The best brands at reasonable prices, organized in a simple to use manner – that’s what this store is. 


Then, you go to the other store. 


The other store is more or less the opposite. 


Electronics from brands you’ve never heard of, in odd, sometimes even frayed packaging, are basically strewn on shelves, on the floor, and elsewhere. 


The clothes seem out of style (at best) with obvious marks and flaws. The food may be inexpensive, but it also doesn’t come from makers that you’ve ever heard of. Moreover, you have real, valid questions about the meat. 


You get the point. 


The first store is what Google (and really any search engine) wants to be. They want to be that place that you know you can go to and find what you want. Importantly, they want to be able to offer you the best, highest quality version of what you want. 


The second store, instead, is a result of what too many companies “try to do.” They’ll just throw some content out there and hope that they rank higher. Maybe they post on social media intermittently, perhaps they throw together some keyword dense blogs that don’t provide any real value, and so forth. 


Perhaps they’ll get in front of some potential customers, but should that happen, they’ll look like the electronics brands that are just laid haphazardly all throughout the store: questionable, low-quality, and not exactly instilling confidence in potential customers. 


Google doesn’t want to have those kinds of companies to rank highly. Should that happen, folks will stop using Google. 


If you want to rank higher on Google, then you have to give Google reasons to rank you higher. These reasons are better content, SEO, web design, and so much more. 


Ranking No Matter What 


Here at Website Depot, we’re Google Partners. That means that we know the real ins and outs of what Google wants. When you talk to us, you don’t have to “guess” about what they are interested in. You don’t have to “assume.” Instead, you can sit down with our pros and we’ll figure out the best way to make it happen for you. 


To start the ball rolling so to speak, call us at (888) 477-9540.