What is The Future of Web Design?

What is the Future of Web Design

It was only in 1976 when computers started to be a part of any office. In 1996, the Internet took off with only 50,000 websites. Then, in 2006, web devices and responsive design became the latest trends. This year, Google will handle more than two trillion searches.

Furthermore, a webmaster has to deal with the influx of CMS systems, hardware, apps, and software.

If you are a web designer, how should you design a website to make it future-proof? How can you optimize it for the search engine and future-proof it against SEO updates?

Responsive Design

When designing for the modern world, it should be a responsive web design. It means that your site’s images and text will change to display well on a small or a large screen. In this way, your site will always look beautiful.

Responsive design also includes responsive menus.

When you check your Google Analytics, look into a particular page that no one visits. You can edit it out or get rid of it from the main menu.

Then, ensure that the page speed of your site is excellent as Google introduces a separate algorithm for this factor in ranking websites.

Voice technologies

Virtual assistants are the way of the future. Voice to text program will also become more popular. In May 2016, Google reported that 20 percent of the searches it receives in the US are voice. In the future, a voice-based search will displace text search.

It means that longer phrases will be increasingly common. Long-tail keywords are the way to go. But make sure that you are creating content for human beings first.


Although we are not yet in the stage where artificial intelligence system is widespread, AI has become an important factor for Google. Furthermore, search engines are always updating their algorithms to determine the ranking of a website. That said, your site must be of high-quality to obtain high search engine position.

What is The Future of Web Design

But what does high-quality mean? It means that you should always put your customers first. They must stay on your site for longer period to encourage them to purchase or order a product. As AI becomes more sophisticated, you should design your site more for your end-user, instead of for an algorithm.

No one knows about the future of technology. However, you should create your website by considering the current technology. But most successful web designs are all about user-experience. As Google’s algorithm becomes smarter, it is likely to mimic a person. Thus, think about the people first and machines next.