The End of Dmoz

The End of Dmoz
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The end of human curated websites has occurred and no one truly seems to mind or care, which is rightfully so. With the advent of powerful search engines such as Google and Yahoo, sites like Dmoz became pretty much obsolete. However, years went on after the creation of these powerful search engines and Dmoz still existed. Dmoz used to be an extensive directory of websites sectioned off perfectly in numerous sections and subsections. However,  now all that remains is a single landing page that tells its former users that as of March 17, 2017 is no longer available as the open directory resource it used to be. Read on to learn more about Dmoz and how Website Depot can help your website rise to the top using search engine optimization.

The History and Uses

Dmoz was a wildly popular multilingual open-content directory of all links listed in the World Wide Web. This site was owned by AOL, however, the editors we all volunteers who were vetted for their trustworthiness. Dmoz used a hierarchical filing system to organize site listings that is similar to a search engine. All of these lists were made into categories and subcategories not unlike categorical representation of keywords in search engine optimizations. This site was an excellent resource for website owners and SEO companies to see a complete ranking of a website in relation to other websites on the web.

Search Engine Optimization Today

With search engine optimization today, websites have a better chance of climbing lists that search engines create than when Dmoz was in the forefront of open directory website resources. With the help of an experienced SEO company like Website Depot, your website can climb to the top of any related search engine lists among your peers.If you are interested in making sure your website is noticed, all you have to do is allow a web company to fine tune your website and its content, and conduct some online marketing tactics to bring your website to light. Trust Website Depot to make sure that your website get noticed on search engines.

Getting your website noticed can be extremely difficult without support. Trust Website Depot to get your website noticed for your business so you can gain more customers. With the end of Dmoz, your business needs us now more than ever before! Request a free consultation on our website or call us at 877-654-9736 to bring your website to the top of any search engine query result today!