The Day After: Working After a Vacation 

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As of this writing, it is the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday. 

While “holiday” may have a different meaning during the pandemic, it still means “not at work.” Even if you did work over the holiday (as many of us did) Monday morning is still Monday morning. 

Hopefully, your business implemented its strategies for Cyber Monday (or “Cyber Monday Week” and so forth) and is doing great with that. Even so, you might be struggling at work. Here are some tips to make Mondays like today (such as those coming in January) if not easy, then at least easier. 



If Possible, Take Steps Before You Go on Vacation 


Obviously, this isn’t going to help you right this second if you’re reading it on a Monday. 

But, taking some little steps before you go off to the vacation can really help on a day like this.

Leaving a note for yourself of things that have to be done immediately can be a great idea. 

Setting aside a couple items that can be done quickly and competently when you come in can help, too. 

Speaking of doing things early, one idea that could help: coming back the day before you return to work. 

For so many of us, when we travel, the idea is to stay away from where we live as long as possible. So, if we have to return to work on Monday, we try to come back late on Sunday night. 

You want to get as much as possible out of your vacation, but it could make work tougher. 

If you’re feeling up to it, maybe coming back a day earlier can really smooth things out. 

You could fly home Saturday night, then use Sunday night to get yourself back into your routine. That can make Monday that much easier. 



Prioritize and Organize 


For most of us, the first time going back to work after a holiday is a mix of sluggishness and panic. Sluggishness, as you’re tired, and panicked, as there’s so much to do. 

Take care of what has to be taken care of first. 

That “taken care of first” could even be scheduling. Just laying out what you have to do in front of you can help with a lot of anxiety. 

Powering through a lot of tasks that can be done quickly can really give you a mental boost. You’ll feel more productive (in large part, because you are) which will assist you in getting ready to handle the tougher stuff. 



Accept It Might Be a Rough Day 


You don’t have to lie to yourself. 

The day after vacation is going to be difficult. There’s no shame in admitting that. 

When you’re scheduling your day, put in time for you to take a break. Go for a walk. That kind of thing. 

In fact, make sure to schedule in something for yourself to look forward to, whether it’s a great meal for lunch or something fun for the coming weekend. After all, odds are you looked forward to your time off for a long time. So, you’re liable to struggle without that to fall back on. By doing this, you can make everything easier on yourself. 

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