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Why would any Danny Star Book comment on how people create and maintain their landing pages? Well, the landing page is still highly misunderstood in this day and age, so Danny hopes to clear things up a little with a bit of advice.

The Danny Star Book on Landing Page Dynamics

Your landing page is supposed to answer a question very quickly. That is all each of your landing pages does.

When people click a link to arrive at your landing, they clicked a link with an expectation. That expectation can always be expressed as a question. It is up to you to determine that question and then produce the answer with your landing page.

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The Car Ad and its Landing Page

Take the example of a car affiliate advertisement that shows off a new car. The ad tells people just about everything they need to know, but it doesn’t offer a price. In some cases, people who are interested in the car may click the ad simply to find out how much the car is.

The landing page for this ad needs to show off the car’s price in the top third of the page. Some people make the mistake of trying to lead the customer down a sales funnel, but they are already in the funnel when they arrive, and postponing the answer to their question is a big mistake.

There is Always a Question

Determining the question is often very tricky, but with a bit of intuition, analysis, and market research, you can find out what that question is. For example, if your car advertisement gave all the details and the price, you may think that the landing page should be more of a purchase page, but that is not what you should do. Your landing page is supposed to answer the question.

In this case, the question may be, “Is that price really as good as it says?” or “Is that claim they made true?” or even, “I wonder if they have finance plans available for that car?”

Even Internal Pages Need to Answer a Question

When people navigate from one page to another while browsing your website, they still have a question in mind. It should be a lot easier to figure out what they want on your own website. For example, if somebody clicks the “Vans” menu link, it stands to reason that their question is, “Do they have any vans I may like?” Still, you need to treat your internal pages like landing pages firstly for your internal traffic and because Google isn’t afraid to offer links to all your website pages and not just your sales landing pages.

The Danny Star Book Comments On SEO

The fact is that you need customized and tailored advice for your website or blog. Each website is different and your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) depends upon your target audience. By the same token other factors like online conventions. Get your own SEO report and advice on pushing your website up the search engine results with SEO Expert Danny.