The Convoluted World of Attorney SEO

The Convoluted World of Attorney SEO

Isn’t attorney SEO pretty easy? Promote the services you offer = Win? Oddly, in this day and age, attorney SEO is probably one of the most complex and convoluted types of search engine optimization. This article tries to unwrap the complexity on a very basic level, with the hopes you may be able to understand why your attorney SEO campaigns are so underpowered. 

Promote The Services You Offer = Win?

Many modern SEO campaigns can make things pretty simple. A website that sells lawn mowers is able to optimize its content so that people who search for lawn mowers on Google will find them. They have to compete with all the other lawn mower sellers, but in essence, their job is pretty easy.Now, consider this, you are an “Accident at work” lawyer. You too have to compete with all the other “Accident at work” lawyers. However, your target audience is almost everybody. The people who sell lawn mowers have a fairly narrow target; they are selling to people who have gardens and who want to keep their gardens looking nice. They are selling to people who can afford a lawn mower. There are many ways to narrow their targeting. For example, the lawn mower people are not going to write guest posts on websites about high rise apartments.How is a lawyer specialist on work injuries supposed to narrow their targets? Besides fully retired people and children, “Everybody” is a potential target. Even unemployed people are targets because they may be unemployed “because” of a previous accident at work.

Targeting For Better SEO Campaigns

The question may become, “Why bother targeting then?” After all, your SEO campaign isn’t a direct marketing campaign. Why not offer what you have to offer and be done with it? The reason you need to target your potential customers is because if you don’t, then Google will!!! They will decide who wants your content. If you are selling lawn mowers, then Google is going to make the right decision very easily. However, since almost “everybody” is your target audience, then Google may decide that college students who cite your blog posts are your target audience. They may decide that insurance bots searching or indexing sites that visit your website are your target audience.You need to take some sort of control over whom your website targets, and you can do it with things as simple as whom you link from when you write guest posts. Which keywords you use in your website, which topics you discuss on your website, and even which directories you exist within on the Internet.

Attorney SEO

Is Your SEO Underpowered?

There are plenty of reasons why your SEO isn’t drawing attention. There are plenty of reasons why your website and your social media profiles are popular and yet not gaining traction on the Google search engine results. The world of SEO is far more complicated than it ever was because it is powered by big data and machine learning. Your potential target audience is deciding if your website is popular because of how they behave when they use the Internet. If you are struggling with your attorney SEO, then get in touch with the team at SEO Expert Danny and create a plan to move your brand, your online reputation, your social media and your website SEO forwards.