The Content that Boosts Local SEO for Lawyers 

local SEO for lawyers
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Have you been wondering exactly what content you should create for your law firm? Does it feel like you’re writing blog after blog but you haven’t improved your local SEO ranking (or any other ranking?) It’s important to create great content, yes. But, it’s also important to create the right content for your site, too. Yes, you need blogs, but you need other kinds of content, too. With the right combination, created the right way, is one of the best ways to improve local SEO for lawyers

Mind you, we’re not saying “stop writing blogs.” Nothing of the sort. Blogs are important. But, they’re only one part of a content strategy, not the end all be all. Blogs can improve your authority, show your expertise, boost your SEO, and demonstrate exactly why folks should come to your law firm. To truly get everything out of your SEO, you’re going to need more than that. 

local SEO for lawyers

Bios: Who You Are 

When we talk to prospective lawyer clients about how we can help, so much of it centers around branding. The way lawyers want their practice to be seen and so forth. It may feel like that’s somehow out of your control, or not something that you can wholly define. However, that’s not the case. We can build a brand for you that shows your law firm how you want it to be seen. An important part of that: bios. 

Your site should have a dedicated page for the bios of every lawyer at your firm. Why? To establish credibility. Whether someone is determining which law firm to take their case to or just want to learn more, it’s very personal. They don’t want to hear from anyone that they could find distrustful. Thus, you can use this bio page to build trust, to show that you’re credible. 

How would you do that? Through just laying out your life, your credentials. This is your opportunity to introduce yourself to prospective readers. So, you can tell them about your education, you can lay out your experience, what areas of law you practice, and more. Of course, this is also a fine place to mention any awards as well. 

These pages should be optimized for SEO too. Your content should showcase your credibility, yes, but it should also establish a human connection, too. Bio pages can help a lot there. 

Just the FAQs

 You probably know that you need a FAQ page. As a lawyer, there are questions you’re asked frequently. Answering many of these, all in one place, is a great resource. However, it’s important to note that a FAQ page, by itself, isn’t limiting. A good strategy for your FAQ page: answer questions simply and correctly, while also linking to blogs that explain something in more detail. 

For example, if you’re a personal injury attorney, you could have a question in your FAQ like: “What should I do about the insurance company?” Then, your answer may be something like: “Before you sign anything from anyone from the insurance company, let a lawyer look at it first.” Then, in that, you can link to a blog that explains in greater detail how you would want prospective clients to deal with the insurance company. 

That way, you’re getting the most out of your FAQ as well as out of your blog articles. You’re providing value in multiple ways. 

local SEO for lawyers

Beyond Blogs: Landing Pages

Blogs are important to your website for many reasons. However, landing pages may actually be more important. It’s not “either/or,” of course. But, you want to have both. So, if you don’t have landing pages on your site, you absolutely should. 

These landing pages (or “practice area pages” as they’re also called) can very well be the pages that someone might look at when they make the final determination whether or not to reach out to your firm. These pages should be as comprehensive as possible about particular areas of law that you practice. 

So, if you’re a personal injury lawyer, you’re going to want a page that explains the laws in your state, what kind of damages you can claim and have claimed for your clients, what someone should do after an accident, how paying you works, what someone should do in regards to the insurance company, injuries that someone may suffer which could be appropriate for a case, and some past cases at a minimum. You can think of something equivalent for your practice areas. 

You’re going to want at least one of those for every kind of law that you practice. A good digital marketing agency should be able to create these for and/or with you. 

Content that Isn’t “Written” 

Effective content for SEO has moved beyond simply written content. Now, you’re also going to want video content, too. You could have videos that provide important information about particular facets of the law. Alternatively, you’re also going to want some laws that show what’s great about your firm, and why folks should sign with you. 

A podcast can help greatly, too. Here at Website Depot, we do podcasts with our clients. That said, you don’t need an experienced, professional host to be able to do a podcast. All you need is what you already have: a wealth of information about the law and a modern phone. That’s it. You can have someone from your digital marketing agency interview you for a podcast or you can do it yourself. Done right, these can be an incredibly potent tool. 

Remember, no prospective client is reading a blog while they’re driving, running, and so forth. But, they will listen to a podcast then. It’s one more way to make an important connection. 

local SEO for lawyers

Pros Who Know How to Improve Local SEO for Lawyers

Those are the types of content to have on your site. But, you can’t just have the content to have it. You need to have it written properly. That means being written well, of course, but it also means that it should be written for maximum SEO benefit, too. 

That’s where we can help. We have professional content creators, web designers, and so much more. That’s what goes into an omnichannel digital marketing agency. For a free consultation with our experts on improving local SEO for lawyers, you can reach us at (888) 477-9540.