The Best Part of Waking Up: Lessons from Coffee Creamer Marketing 

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Odds are, if you’re reading this at work in the morning, you’re drinking it right now. 

I’m certainly drinking it as I write this. 

When we all began working from home during the pandemic, I remember thinking: “I’m sure I’ll drink less caffeine working at home.” 


Not at all. 

If anything, I’m drinking more. 

I try not to use creamer when I drink coffee, but, come on. 

While doing my morning marketing news roundup for our full-service digital and SEO services in LA company, I came across this article. There’s plenty you can take from this for your company. 



One Question to Start With 


If you’ve read these blogs for any length of time, then you probably know many different ways to “jump start” your marketing. Should you be stuck or unsure what to do next, these blogs have plenty of questions you can ask. You’ll find techniques you can try and more, to get your brain going. 

After reading this article, I can add another one. 

If you’re stuck, ask yourself: “what do people like most about what we do?” 

I can’t definitively say whether or not Chobani asked themselves that when they were devising marketing for their new coffee creamer. 

But, that could certainly be how they came up with a campaign called “I Dream of Creamer.” 

For many of us, that’s the best part of coffee. 

That rush, that rise, that feeling of possibility, that just about anything could happen today and it’s going to be good – that’s one of my favorite parts of coffee. 

This could be seen as a “daydream.” However, other people I know drink coffee and have a more traditional, literal daydream. 

Alternatively, there are people who drink coffee in a purely utilitarian sense, using it as a tool. They do it for the caffeine, so that they’re able to work. 

So, Chobani (or another company) could have built an ad campaign around someone drinking the creamer and then being more productive than ever before. It could be a time-lapse video of someone working hard, sped up to appear as if they did eight hours of work in a span of a minute or two. 

Alternatively, they could post artwork of someone working hard, yet they have several arms, all doing the tasks associated with their job at once. Those are just a couple of random concepts, but you get the idea. 

If you think about what your company does best, what folks love the most about it, you can build campaigns that will accentuate that in new, exciting ways. 



Plenty of Ways to Get Your Customers Involved 


Speaking of “new and exciting ways,” count just how many different ways, in that article alone, Chobani gets folks involved. 

Reading quickly, I counted five. 

I got: influencer partnerships, new video clips for social media inspiring people to imagine new flavors and submit their ideas, then folks voting again in July, and finally giving folks a bunch of money whose flavors are used. 

That said, you could have counted more. It depends on if you count email marketing, Amazon box takeover, paid social and more as options.

Now, in all likelihood, your company may not be as large as Chobani. So, it stands to reason that you’re going to do less to get folks participating. 

That said, you definitely want to have some. You can borrow some of those ideas for your business. The more people want to be involved with your company, the better. 

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