Technical SEO: The Things That Will Make Your Site Google-Friendly

Technical SEO The Things That Will Make Your Site Google Friendly

SEO for law firms is one of the services that you don’t want to ignore if you want your legal website to be Google-friendly. Part of this service includes technical SEO that can make or break your site’s SEO performance. It is a major contributor to your success. Unfortunately, it is also the hardest to make it right. 

What is Technical SEO for Law Firms

It is a measure of how your law firm’s website adheres to Google’s guidelines. Although it aims to make your site user-friendly, it extends to other elements, such as sitemaps and security. It may seem easy to execute. However, it is also the most complicated. It is one reason many law firms (your competitors) decide to hire an SEO consultant to reduce the risk of being penalized. 

What are the Things to Keep in Mind When Considering Technical SEO? 

Follows Google’s Guidelines 

The search engine giant is transparent about how it ranks websites. It also helps site owners by providing rules that can improve a law firm’s technical SEO. You can read about its Webmaster Guidelines here. Or you can talk to an SEO expert to assist you in implementing these guidelines on your website. 

Boost Your Speed 

Your site must load in under 2.5 seconds. The speed is not just about how fast it is in loading your pages but how swift it is to render well across a range of screen sizes. Your site’s ranking will still get affected even if your site loads in less than 2.5 seconds on a desktop but it’s too slow on a mobile phone. 

Easy Navigation 

Google sends robots to find out more about your law firm’s site. If it is easy for the robot to navigate it, find all the pages, and understand what the pages are about, then you won’t have a problem. Otherwise, you need to ensure that all your menus are simple and easy to use. 

Set Up Everything Properly 

When it comes to technical SEO, you need to set up everything properly from the start. That’s why it is paramount to work with an SEO expert to help you set it up before you even launch your website. In that way, you won’t have to worry about going against the rules of Google and other search engines. 

Can You Implement Technical SEO Elements Yourself? 

Sure you can. But do you have the time to study all elements and implement them properly? If you can’t, then you should consult with an SEO expert and let the expert handle the technical SEO. You, on the other hand, will be busy growing your law firm. 

SEO is rewarding but it is also intensive. Many lawyers don’t have the time to learn it. Keep in mind that SEO evolves and it changes regularly. You need to keep up. Thus, if you are ready to let this part be handled by an agency, then please contact us here: (855) 605-7361. We can carry out technical SEO for law firms to ensure your site will be visible to your potential clients.