Robert Alvarez has the distinction of being one of the founding members of Websites Depot Inc. Since helping found a small digital marketing consultancy over a decade ago, he has helped enable and guide the growth of countless small and medium-sized businesses, including his own team.

As a Los Angeles native, Robert has established strong lasting relationships with business owners all over the region through building relationships that are deeply rooted in trust.

Robert has an educational background in business development, but none has served him more than the 10+ years experience of turning a small three-person operation into a flourishing 20+ boutique agency that business magnates seek out from thousands of miles around.

Robert oversees a team of sales people, SEO specialists, and a social media team that is always available for his clients. He is often the envy of the office, as a big fraction of Websites Depot numerous five-star reviews all rave about his personal care and attention to detail. He’s always just a phone call away, and is always willing to share his deep marketing insights to help businesses large and small thrive through use of the web.

Title: Senior Technical Project Manager