Team Building When the Team Isn’t in the Same Building 

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How do you improve morale when everyone’s working remotely? 

How do you make the team come together when the team literally cannot come together (due to the virus?) 

It’s not easy, but it can be done. 

Moreover, it’s certainly worth doing. 

I reflected on that today during the official Website Depot Holiday Party. 

Yes, we had a holiday party at noon on a Wednesday. In 2020, things occur at different times than they might have in other years. 

During the Zoom occasion, I saw clearly how this benefited our company of professional web designers, writers, and more.  



Coming Together When No One’s “Coming” Anywhere 


At first, I thought “oh, this is going to be another Zoom meeting, even if it is low-key.” 

However, it was much more than that. 

Danny sent each of us food. 

He sent us surprise meals that were delivered. Yes, they might have arrived at different points. But, the idea was to foster a real sense of community. 

It even helped, in some ways, that some people’s food didn’t come exactly when they were supposed to. Through talking to each other and figuring out how we could help, it strengthened the sense of “we’re all in this together.” 

Besides, for some of us who aren’t able to go home and see our families (due to travel restrictions/the virus), it’s rewarding to just sit and have a meal with folks again, even if it is on a delay. 

Now, that’s not to say that by doing this it’s guaranteed to make us that much more productive or something. 

But, it certainly can’t hurt. 

It’s absolutely something that (speaking for myself) I’ll remember going into the new year. “Morale” isn’t something that’s just made all at once. It’s something that develops over time. Morale ebbs and flows. Moments like this only increase it. 



Moving into 2021 


As this blog was written on December 30th, odds are there really isn’t time for you to do something like this for your company right now. 

However, you can certainly plan to do it at some point soon. 

As far as “holidays” in the United States go, there really aren’t many (that folks get time off for) for the next few months. 

So, should you feel morale flagging (and yes, as a business owner, you should be able to sense that even if your team is working entirely remotely) then you could schedule something like this, too. 

In fact, to give you even more ideas, our great Alejandra put together a list of “most likely to” awards, to be voted on in a Zoom poll. (I won “Most Likely to Have Been a Nerd in High School” as well as “Most Likely to Mess Up a First Date,” but I also voted myself for both.) 

That’s the kind of fun, light, breezy, and seemingly ephemeral thing that can help your company quite a bit in the future. 

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