Targeting SEO for Your Audience

Target Audience x

SEO is an important tool in making significant changes to your website. With it, search engine will find and give you targeted visitors to your own website. But targeted visitors must not be the search engines. Rather, they are always your potential clients and customers.

Unfortunately, inexperienced SEO companies get this wrong, all the time, when they start an SEO campaign. At SEO service INC, we help our clients in providing quality content and not focus on quantity. We don’t believe that “keywords” are all that matter to get on top of the Google search. But we do believe the use of the right keywords in moderation can bring you significant amount of traffic.

Target Audience

Finding Target Audience

When it comes to improving your site’s local SEO, you must have a clear picture of what and/or who you want to target. What are the demographics of your target audience? What type of problem you’re trying to solve for your visitors?

You need to be specific so you can tailor your site’s keywords to gain target audience. When choosing your target, make sure that it’s specific.

Be Narrow Than Broad

It is the best way to define your territory and find your geographic area. New York City has a broad audience. You can break it down to Queens, Manhattan or Brooklyn, for example.

By getting in-depth target specific area, you’re finding target audience in a particular geographic area that you can use in your digital marketing efforts.

Use Keywords (the right ones)

Keywords are still necessary in every SEO campaign. But avoid keyword stuffing. Over using keywords isn’t a great idea. Apart from the penalty you’ll get from Google, it can make your supposed to be great content difficult to read and annoying to browse.

You may still use targeted keywords but find the right balance to them. How? Only use it when it works within the sentence where you want to place it.

The best spots to add your targeted keywords will include page titles, meta description, and URLS. When you add them to your content, make sure that they sound natural.

Targeting SEO for your audience means that you’re focusing on your potential customers first and Google (and other search engines) second. Concentrate more on conversion, rather than focusing too much on ranking.

At SEO service INC, we help your clients in creating content that are useful and helpful to their potential clients. We focus on quality, rather than quantity.

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