Taking Advantage of Opportunities the Right Way 

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During this time, everyone wants to help. Every business wants to be able to do something for those who are really struggling. Giving to charities, donating goods and services, raising awareness – these are just some of the ways that companies are trying to make this harsh time even a bit easier. 


For companies who offer goods and services that might be more attuned to this current moment, it makes sense to “ramp up” your efforts. Perhaps yours is a business that offers something which could really come in handy to many right now, or maybe your company has found an opportunity amidst the crisis. 


That can be great, but you’ve got to go about it properly.  


The Differences Between Being “Opportunistic” and “Empathetic” 


In business, when you see an opportunity, you’re supposed to go for it. That kind of aggressive action can be a great benefit. However, during a time like this, being too aggressive towards an opportunity can actually turn potential customers away. 


That said, you don’t want to be passive, either. Your business and company, at this moment, has something positive to offer. There is something that your business can do today that can help your customers, clients, and others in their day to day lives. 


This is why it’s so important to be empathetic instead of just opportunistic. You need branding, social media, content, web design, and more that doesn’t just say: “hey, we know times are hard right now, but look at all the awesome stuff we can do.” 


Rather, it’s important to send a message that’s something like: “here’s what we’re doing to help. These are our values. This is what we believe in. Additionally, here’s something we can do to help you.” 


That doesn’t mean that you’re letting opportunities go by. Instead, it means you’re putting them in the proper context. This is one more function of a theme we’ve engaged with often here lately: being more human. 


Empathy recognizes humanity. Empathy celebrates it. Being opportunistic, on the other hand, in a subtle way, erases humanity. Instead of seeing the other person as a real, live, living person, with concerns, dreams, doubts, and more, they’re seen as, well, an opportunity. A way to make money in this difficult time. 


Striking the proper balance is important now, and will be in the future, too. 


“Help, then Sell” 


For lack of a better phrase, keep the above in mind for your business. That doesn’t mean that you have to give away everything you offer for free, donating all of the money in your company’s budget to charity or something. 


You do want to think about the message that your company sends, no matter what your company is and what it does. That resonates just as much (if not, in some cases, more) than what you sell and offer. 


Here at Website Depot, we’ve helped many different companies in any number of industries to find that right balance. We were able to do that before the pandemic, we’re certainly doing it during it, and we will be long after, as well. 


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