Sustainably Fashionable: What We Can Learn from Fashion Marketing 

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Every industry took a hit during the pandemic. 

The fashion industry struggled as much (if not more) than any. 

After all, if you’re going to spend all day on the couch, you may not have the same motivation to pursue the latest designs. 

That said, fashion has bounced back in a big way. 

This great article our full-service digital marketing and SEO agency came across today is full of insights for just about any industry. 

Sure, it’s specific to marketing, but there’s plenty you can utilize for your business, too. 



Above All Else, Clarity 


There’s a wonderful quote in the article that really stuck out to me. 

“Avoid hyperbole and focus on clarity. Don’t use the word ‘green’ unless you’re describing a color. It’s a reputational risk to make claims you can’t substantiate.” 


Let’s look at that. 

Whenever you make a claim about your company, services, products, or something you can do, you’re making a bet. 

You’re putting your reputation “on the line,” so to speak. 

If you’re ever unable to deliver, do, or “back up” what you said, others are less likely to trust you. 

That’s true for “green” industries, of course. To use the example the speaker did, if someone says that their company is “green,” and “helps the environment,” if they fail to do so (or even don’t do so as much as they claimed) then they’ll take a hit. 

A later quote in the article says: “the most sustainable messages educate consumers rather than peddling products.” 

That’s true for “sustainable” industries, those that are “green.” But, that’s true for any business. Indeed, you’re more likely to “sustain” your business (to say nothing of “sustaining” your social media feeds) if you provide more education and less “selling.” 



“So What?” 


While I enjoyed the quotes above, my favorite quote in the article came from Harriet Vocking. 

“As a brand, you’re going to believe your own hype because you’re invested in your progress. Always have someone to ask ‘so what?” 

That’s just fantastic advice. 

Also, that’s true for just about every aspect of your business. 

It’s a great way to revise, certainly. 

For example, when you put together your next social media post, write it out. Then, before you post it, ask “so what?” 

If you can’t answer the question, rewrite the post. If you can’t give a reason why this matters, why someone would want to read or follow it, then change it up. 

That’s also true for your marketing, your content, and just about everything else. 

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