The Strategies That Can Boost Revenues

The Strategies That Can Boost Revenues

Mobile traffic is 60 percent of the Internet traffic. With that in mind, having mobile apps is a must if you want your business to thrive.

However, before you even think about getting a mobile app, you should make sure that the app offers an Amazon-like experience. That’s because consumers expect an app to be like that.

If you want to boost your revenue by building a mobile app, then you have to ensure that the app isn’t just a good one. It must be a fantastic app to stand out.

Giant companies have adopted a mobile strategy. Unfortunately, the majority of small businesses don’t have mobile strategies. According to research, only a few small businesses have a mobile app. Others don’t have plans to build one.

But it’s a mistake.

If you try to read the success stories of some small businesses, you’ll realize that most of them succeed through mobile apps. For example, they offer their customers access to a loyalty card program or exclusive mobile offers. When you do it, you’ll be rewarded with thousands of downloads within a day. Your revenue will also double, especially when you offer sales.

If you have a brick-and-mortar store, you can introduce your mobile app to your customers when they visit your shop. Then, offer them something as a reward for downloading your app. When you do it every day, you’ll get a few downloads in a day.

The Strategies That Can Boost Revenues

Apart from promoting it within your shop, you can also introduce your mobile app through your Facebook page or Twitter business profile. Doing so will make them aware of your app. It’s also highly recommended to use push notifications in your app. In this way, you can easily stay in touch with your customers.

What if you have a small restaurant?

A mobile app can also help, despite your constant busy schedule. Through your mobile, you can update your customers about some changes in your menu. For example, if you’re introducing a new item, you can add it to the app.

And don’t forget to offer your customers with a coupon. It’ll surely give you a higher response rate. To make it successful, you must inform the people who are interested or who might be interested in dining at your restaurant that you have a useful app that they can download to their smartphones or tablets.

Before you launch your mobile app, however, make sure that they’re free of glitches and problems. Make sure to test it internally and externally.