Stories Vs. Statistics: Marketing that Grabs the Customer Instantly 

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Are you looking for ways to get your potential audience’s attention and never let it go? 

Those are a couple of methods right there. 

Short, evocative phrases. 

Alternatively, you could ask questions that your potential customer may be asking. Ideally, the answer to the question is: your company, products, or services. 

Those are methods for the beginning of a piece of content. 

You can use them in blogs, yes, but you can also use them in videos, vlogs, and more. 

It’s one thing to get someone’s attention. It’s something else entirely to keep it. 

This is one great tip I came across today while doing my daily reading for our content marketing agency services. 



A Lesson from the COVID-19 Vaccine 


Like so many of you, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the COVID-19 vaccine. Imagining all the things I’ll do and places I’ll go once I have it, and so forth. 

This article about marketing the vaccine really spoke to me. 

Specifically, there’s a part where a marketing expert addresses the hesitancy some may have to getting vaccinated. 

Their advice is: “People are more compelled by stories than they are by statistics. If your patient says to you, ‘hey, the lady down the street from me said her niece had a bad reaction. I’m the same age as her niece. I’m really worried about this.” It’s important not to say, “Well, let me show you a chart that will explain exactly how rare this is.” (Instead) it’s more important to say, “I have a patient exactly your age who was in here last week, and they were one of the first people to get the vaccine, and they did great.” 

Statistics aren’t going to be the answer there. Someone who comes in saying “hey, I’ve heard of someone who says that this didn’t work out for them” isn’t going to be swayed by numbers on a chart. 

There’s an important lesson here. 



How This Applies to Your Business 


When marketing your business to your customers, always keep that in mind. 

Real people talking honestly is always going to be an asset. 

It doesn’t have to be your only asset. Rather, it should be utilized effectively. 

Testimonials from customers and clients can be powerful. That’s true whether they’re in writing on your social media pages or filmed videos. 

You may even want to have contests or promotions where the winners will get to be filmed. 

This isn’t to say that you never want to use statistics or the like in your marketing. But, just never lose sight of the human element. For example, our full-service digital and content marketing agency services have plenty of clients who have been in business for a very long time. So, in some of their marketing, we’ll show statistics of their growth in addition to pictures from their beginning, testimonials from long-time customers/clients, and so forth. 

Using this in your marketing can make everything that much more potent. 

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