Receiving or Not Receiving Stimulus Checks? That is the question.

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Stimulus Checks Won’t Be Sent to Everyone


During the pandemic, the government has cut checks to people all across the country. There are some people who will not receive a check at this time. The goal of this blog isn’t to point anyone out, but to inform. That way, people can prepare for not receiving a Economic Impact check as opposed to waiting in vain. This blog was written on 4/20/20, so if there are subsequent stimulus checks, the information may change. 


People Who Make Too Much to Receive a Stimulus Check 


The bill was written in such a way so that it did not go to some higher earners. For example, a single taxpayer who makes more than $99,000 a year will not receive a check. To be clear, that $99,000 is in “adjusted gross income,” or “AGI.” Word to the wise: if you made less than $99,000 in 2018 but made more than that in 2019 and you also have yet to file those taxes, wait for the new July 15th deadline.

The government will qualify you for a stimulus check based on taxes already on file. As such, you can receive your Economic Impact Payment and still file on time. Additionally, folks who filed as the head of a household and made more than $136,500 and married couples who jointly filed for more than $198,000 also won’t be receiving one of these checks. If you made less than that, your check should be on the way or there already. Visit to check the status of your Economic Impact Payment.  


Dependents 16 and Under Can Qualify, Those Older Cannot 


If you’re someone’s Dependent and you’re 17 or older, you will not receive a check. Additionally, you won’t be able to net your parents a $500 payment, either. This group includes many high school seniors and juniors. However, it also includes senior dependents as well as those who are college-age dependents up to the age of 24. But, dependent children who are 16 and younger will be able to accrue some money for their folks. They qualify for $500 per child under the current bill. 

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Stimulus Checks unfortunately won’t be in the mail for everyone

Others Who Are Not Eligible for Checks 


A person who is behind on their child support will not be able to receive a stimulus check. To offset child support obligations, the Treasury Department may withhold some or even all of the stimulus payment. By that same token, people who owe money to banks will, in all likelihood, either not receive a, Economic Impact Payment or receive a reduced amount of money. Funds may be seized by your bank to pay for an overdraft fee or other debts. Additionally, non-US citizens who don’t have a valid social security number will not receive a payout during this round of stimulus, either. 

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