Steps to Turning Leads into Personal Injury Clients

Steps to Turning Leads into Personal Injury Clients

Top law firms are using SEO for law firms because they know the long-term and short-term benefits of optimizing their websites. If your personal injury law firm is struggling to attract leads or turn leads into clients, then consider the content marketing funnel. It can help in lowering your marketing cost while growing your business.

How to Use SEO for Law Firms with Content Marketing?

A content marketing funnel is a marketing model. It breaks down a client’s journey when getting an attorney. The model resembles a funnel that comes with a wide mouth and narrow neck. The concept is simple. Every person who visits your site is a lead. But not everyone will hire your firm. Instead, only a fraction of them will progress to the next stage.


When people are searching for a personal injury lawyer, they already suffered from an injury or someone they love has become a victim. These people aren’t ready to hire yet. Rather, they are looking for options and solutions. They are also curious to know what will happen after an accident. This is why the awareness content must be helpful and educational. It has to provide answers while providing clear directions. At this stage, you’re building trust while indirectly advising them to hire a legal representation.


After the searchers know about the solutions they can take, they are now ready to hire a personal injury lawyer. But they are not sure which one to hire. This is where you establish a relationship with your reader. The content at this stage should address specific issues. This isn’t a sales pitch. But it highlights the services you can provide to convince the visitors that your law firm is the best option.


At this stage, the visitor is ready to hire you. But they are still deciding whether they should use your law firm services or keep looking. Your goal here is to make it easier for them to decide. This is where offering a free consultation becomes useful in personal injury practice. Even though the growth of the personal injury lawyer industry in the US is likely to grow in the years to come, your law firm will still not grow if you don’t know how to convert your leads. That’s why offering visitors free consultation is the best way to promote engagement. But make sure it’s easy for them to call you.


Once you have covered your leads into clients, the funnel doesn’t end there. Instead, you need to nurture your relationship with your clients. In that way, they will recommend your services to their family and friends. Remember that word-of-mouth marketing remains a vital part of promoting your business because it’s free and it can accelerate the hiring timeframe.

Now, the question is what kind of content you should provide to your audience to meet every stage of the marketing funnel? To know more about it, please contact our experts in SEO for law firms here: (855) 605-7361.