Staying on Top of Latest Marketing Changes from Google and TikTok 

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“Our competition just jumped ahead of us in online marketing, and we have no idea why. What we were doing has been so successful.” 

So many business owners and marketers have voiced some version of that concern. 

It’s impossible to overstate just how quickly online marketing can change. 

What had been highly effective can, all of a sudden, be completely ineffective. Adaptation is important. Reacting hastily, however, can undo so much good, quality work. 

It can feel like this happens capriciously as it occurs out of nowhere. One of our jobs at our digital marketing in Los Angeles company is to stay on top of what’s happening. Google, TikTok, and others will tell you what they (and by extension, their users) are looking for. We stay on top of that for many reasons, not the least of which is that our clients don’t have to. 

digital marketing Los Angeles

Google’s Making It Easier for Your Customers to Find Your Deals 

Google is always doing new things and looking for ways to improve. That has to be a major reason they’re still on top. A recent blog, “New Ways to Find Deals and Shop on Google” proves it. 

“When it comes to shopping, people are increasingly looking to save money. In fact, (Google has) seen that searches for ‘discount code’ have increased 50% since last year.” 

So, the idea is that Google wants to highlight companies that have current sales and discounts. If you were thinking of running a sale now, this might very well be the time to do it. As Google says, they’re “showcasing deals right on the Shopping tab found on Google.” Indeed, if someone searches for a particular product or service, they may find a “new section.” This section “will organize and show” products “that are competitively priced or discounted from retailers across the web, all in one place.” 

Google is also “making it free for merchants to list deals.” They do this by making it so “promotions and deals uploaded in the Merchant Center will be automatically surfaced to deal-seeking shoppers on the Shopping tab, regardless of whether businesses advertise on Google.” 

This isn’t just some “back to school” thing, or something that will go away soon. As Google says, “starting in October, people shopping on Google Search will be able to swipe through and discover the most popular deals for major retail sales moments like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.” 

With this in place, you could be in a position to put your discounted products in front of more people than ever. 

digital marketing Los Angeles

Spark Ads from TikTok 

Have you been looking for a way to expand your company’s TikTok marketing? 

Are there people making TikTok videos about your product or service that you’re looking to get more out of? 

TikTok’s new “Spark Ads” could very well be the answer. 

As TikTok says, these are “An Authentic Way for Brands to Elevate Native, Popular Content.” 

Now, it’s important to note that these “Spark Ads” aren’t like, say, paid posts on another platform or something. 

You can’t decide “OK, my company is going to make a Spark Ad” today, then make one, pay, and put it on TikTok. 

Spark Ads, according to TikTok, enable “brands to amplify existing organic videos that fit their campaign objectives such a video view and conversion with great flexibility and efficiency.” To sum up, brands “can amplify original creative videos seamlessly through Spark Ads.”

If someone else makes a video that involves your product or service, you can amplify it through Spark Ads. 

This may sound limiting, but it’s really not. TikTok is unique among the platforms, in that the audience really, really does not want to be “sold” anything. Rather, they want unique content that, in the course of being entertaining, shows a product or service. 

These Spark Ads can help businesses in multiple ways. 

To get the most out of both of these (and so much more) you can reach our digital marketing agency in Los Angeles at (888) 477-9540.