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Starbond is a company that supplies many businesses with industry grade cyanoacrylate adhesives. The company has been running since 1988. Starbond’s formulated developed 45 years ago in Japan and has been the top brand within their niche ever since. To bring their online business to next level, they trusted Website Depot with the development of their eCommerce capable Website:

The company has a catalog of hundreds of adhesive products, spanning 9 categories. For this reason, we built the site with Magento, a powerful platform that is capable of handling and managing an inventory of this magnitude of products. Like any other eCommerce website, Starbond’s is secured with SSL certificate. This is a standard procedure for this sort of platform, as they handle lots of sensitive information like logins, credit card numbers and so.

The website was built with careful consideration to page speed. Building a website that handles a huge number of products, while ensuring great user experience is not an easy task. Thus, our senior developers painstakingly spend a large amount of time in optimizing the site to ensure fast navigation.

In addition, Starbond required a strategy to position this website and strengthen the brand in the internet. For this reason, the company acquired a monthly Marketing package that includes Social Media posts, blogs for their website and 2 hours of maintenance for their website. Our content writers and SEO experts, hand – to – hand with our developers, take care of this providing quality shareable content as well as solutions for any problems the website may experience; thus providing an excellent customer experience during their website’s navigation.