Solving Customers’ Issues “On the Spot” – Online and Off 

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Everyone’s busy. 

That’s true whether you’re hard at work or not. Even if you’re just relaxing and searching the internet, you want the information you need as quickly as possible. 

That was true before the pandemic, but it’s even more true now. 

There are ways to make your digital marketing, your content, your branding, and more to better fit your customers right now. 


Short Posts to the Point 

As “the leading source for targeted, industry-specific news briefs” puts it: “You don’t need to pour your energy into long posts, but you do need to use copy, video, images, and audio to provide the facts your customer seeks on the spot.” 

Granted, I’m not always the best about writing shorter posts. 

But, answering any potential questions your customers might have about your products or services is always a great way to generate content. 

That’s true for blogs, social media, or anything else. 

Speaking of images… 


Visuals that Describe and Enlighten 

94% more views. That’s how many more views “articles or blog posts with images” get, when compared to those that lack images. 

This is an astounding number. 

So, you want to write content that answers questions with a picture attached. 

However, it can’t just be any picture. 

People prefer higher-quality images. 

Do you know who else prefers higher-quality images? 


Answer the questions your customers have while also incorporating higher-quality images that connect to what you’re saying. 

The best ways to serve your customers, of course, aren’t just through content and images. For example, web design has a major role to play as well. 


Having Everything the Customer Needs in Front of Them: In-Person and Online 

If you’re like most people, you shop less at grocery stores during the pandemic. 

That’s not to say that you don’t go to grocery stores anymore. Rather, you do it less frequently. 

So, if you’re selling food or really, retail goods of any kind, you want your eCommerce to be as up to speed as possible. 

That means great design, easy-to-find popular products, page speed, and so much more. 

People are shopping faster, too. 

That’s true whether they’re in the store or not. 

For example, in the survey linked above, “56% of consumers feel anxious about forgetting to pick up or not being able to find specific foods when shopping in-store.” 

So, if you were arranging your physical store, you would probably want to move different items, the essentials, the most common ones, towards the front. 

The same goes for your online store, too. 

That’s just one of the many tasks that we can help you with. 

Getting It All Together 

So, to recap today’s post, you want to answer customers’ questions through content, with high-quality images, while also improving your web design, all while maintaining it to match your customers’ shifting needs. 

That’s a lot. 

It’s a lot for any business. 

As ever, we can help. 

To continue the conversation, you can reach out to us at (888) 477-9540.