Social Media Updates To Make Marketing More Fun

In 2018, it is expected that half of the Internet ad expenditure will be from mobile. With that in mind, you need to be more competitive using the latest social media updates provided by the big brands in the virtual world.

Video ads

Twitter introduced in-stream video ads. As more and more people are interested in watching videos on social media, Twitter expanded its tools to allow the audience in discovering more relevant video content on its platform.

As a marketer, you can have an opportunity to align your content with a related video that your audience will surely love. This new feature allows brands to show video ads on premium content partners across entertainment, sports, etc.

The use of influencers on Instagram

The social media platform joined the fun in the ever-evolving marketing landscape. More and more marketers are utilizing influencers. They’re even hiring or paying them to become their brands’ influencers to encourage more followers and potential customers.

With images, Instagram has become a useful alternative to a commercial advertisement.

TV commercials on Facebook

Facebook is taking marketing to a new level by launching various measurement tools to help analyze TV and Facebook performances.

Consumers will need to answer some questions if they’re watching certain TV programs. The brands using these tools can compare their performances. These tools will soon roll out in the first quarter of 2018.

Social Media Updates

Targeted campaigns on LinkedIn

The latest update of LinkedIn involves linking its marketing products on Sales Navigator. In this way, it can further help sales teams in targeting campaigns to their contacts.

This new feature is a new way to generate leads. It can also boost existing accounts. Furthermore, businesses can connect it to the platform’s ad-buying tool. This new feature will be available next year for sponsored content campaigns.

Pinterest’s visual searches

Image searches have become popular for marketers and consumers. Because of this trend, Pinterest has gained a strategic advantage while it competes with Facebook and Instagram.

The platform encourages marketers to focus on images that can connect consumers to their products. The latest feature urges marketers to focus on photos and not on keywords.

These latest updates on social media marketing will surely allow you to make selling and marketing your products on social media more fun than it was before. But you need to make sure that you have understood the terms and conditions of these features before you can fully take advantage of them.

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