Social Media Ranking Advice From Danny Star Marketing Guru

Social Media Ranking Advice From Danny Star Marketing Guru

Here are a few uncomfortable truths about social media marketing, and the first is that most of what you are reading online is completely useless. It isn’t even that the advice you are reading doesn’t work (although often it doesn’t). 

The problem is that the advice doesn’t apply to you and your business. The people you are watching and reading have made their impact by offering social media advice. Unless you are offering social media too, then their advice is useless to you. It would be like taking advice on how to be a successful barber by watching videos on how to be a successful butcher. 

Take some real advice from Danny Star Marketing Guru, from somebody who handles hundreds of different social media marketing projects per year. Somebody with a broad range of experience that will actually benefit the many rather than the few.

Danny Star Marketing Guru

Your Overall Goal Has a Massive Impact

If you are just searching for social media attention. The sort of attention that doesn’t buy from you, that doesn’t click your adverts, and that doesn’t follow your advice, then do what all the other social media influencers are doing. Do reaction videos, follow trends, and offer somewhat of a hollow content with no long-term value.If you are looking to make money from your social media, then you need to find something that works, and you need to keep trying until you find something. You need to experiment and change topics. You may think your hyper manly content about bikes will get the most attention, but you experiment and experiment and discover that tutorials on how to do male makeup are what sells. If you want to get attention and sales for your business, then you need to create very product and service orientated-content, which isn’t as difficult as it seems. Do unboxing videos for your own stuff. Do tutorials, demonstrations, comparisons and reviews for your own stuff. Go behind the scenes, show people the innards of your products, and even run a blooper reel for videos of your service that went wrong.If you want to push a certain type of content, such as your own visual comics, then you have the toughest road of all. As the old saying goes, “Don’t worry about people stealing your good ideas, if you have a genuinely good idea, you will have to ram it down people’s throats.” Taking the visual comics example, you will have to pay for an audience from as many platforms as possible. If your visual comics are voiced on YouTube, then promote using Google’s advertising. Post links on Facebook and then boost it to get people to click your YouTube links. Get on Rumble and show previews of upcoming comics and get on GETTR and Twitter and show previews of your content, and then pay marketing companies and experts to promote those accounts so you can drive up engagement.As you can see from the example above, your success strongly depends on your overall goals. Each goal, each industry, each business type, each brand has its own route to success. That is why Danny Star Marketing Guru has become so popular. SEO Expert Danny is able to find the correct path for you to follow. Let the team get you started, then take what you have learned and run with it.