Social Media marketing and SEO

If you are in business, then you may have wanted to tap into the rich social media population, if you haven’t yet. Social media marketing, thanks to the internet, has become the order of the day in communication and to an extent entertainment. The most common social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Businesses have sought to tap into this rich platform by the use of SEO. The specific strategies used for social media SEO are generally referred to as social media marketing.

What are the various social media marketing strategies and how do they benefit the businesses?

The first strategy, which is very easy and inexpensive, is the placement of social media icons on the page. This is a strategy that is used to share content online and it helps market your business. To add a social media icon on your website is fast, it is under the SEO umbrella. These icons prove to be advantageous because your friends and other website visitors who find your content pleasing will share it with their friends. This way, your friends are able to aid in a website marketing campaign. The benefit is more if the content goes media marketing

The other strategy of social media marketing is creating a social media account for the business. The account provides a platform for the business to interact with its customers at a more personal level. Through such an account, the business management is able to inform its customers, who are presumably their friends or followers n social media, on new products, get customer opinions…etc. in addition, the business admin is able to address each customer’s concerns and questions in the form of comments or posts, and replies. This is a strategic marketing platform for building and maintaining a healthy customer base.

Social media on the other hand provides a strategic SEO platform. Currently, Google is ranking for Facebook and Google+ content. By creating and publishing a social media marketing account for the business or what is deals with, the search engines will rank it. On the other hand, content posted in Google+ is ranked in Google. This is a useful sway to reach more customers. Additionally, the social media marketing content can be done in accordance with SEO requirements for high ranking. Some of the SEO strategies that can be employed in content creation include keyword targeting.

In general, social media marketing and SEO provide a useful and strategic platform for sales and customer engagement. The two make use of keyword targeting and even though SEO is more customer targeting, social media marketing is an engagement platform. The business uses SEO to search for and bring in potential customers while social media marketing has a customer maintenance perspective through engaging and addressing the customer’s concerns. The main objective of social media marketing is to preserve and develop long-term customers or even brand loyalties through engagement.

From a more critical point of view, SEO is more critical to the business than social media marketing. However, do not get this twisted, a business needs to utilize every opportunity possible to find and keep customers.