Social Media Advice From an Agency Specializing in SEO in New York

Social Media Advice From an Agency Specializing in SEO in New York

If you are good at your job and you run a successful business, then you often set up an office in a major city. It is part of the course these days. If a company has been running for a long time and has been successful, then they may set themselves up in New York. If we assume you are reading this article because you want a little advice on social media promotions and marketing, then getting advice from a service providing SEO in New York is probably a good idea. Here is a little advice that may serve you well if you are hoping to run a successful social media marketing campaign.

Get Off Twitter

The biggest blue-chip companies own Twitter now, and if your business, your brand, or even your opinions conflict with theirs, then it will draw massive amounts of negative attention. It is best to stay off it completely rather than risk the negative reputation hit. There are plenty of other social media networks you can try. Tik-Tok is slowly replacing Twitter, and many companies are having a hard time cracking it, so it is a rich area for opportunistic smaller companies and smaller users to dominate before it turns too commercial in five years.

Focus on Quality over Quantity

The social media networks are now so clogged with posts and information that posts pass by in minutes rather than in days. As a result, search engines are cherry picking which posts they think are the best and which are going to go viral. The best way to gain SEO exposure on social media is to have a good-quality post rather than churning out useless post after useless post.

Target Adults on Instagram

The only social media network with a strong adult user base is Instagram. The primary users of Facebook are children, teens and tweens. The “Adult” heavy users of Facebook are not adults, they are children with fake ages in their profile. There are people on Facebook, if you want to target them, you need to draw them in from your website or another portal. Try to attract people on the Facebook network itself, and you will attract children. If you want an adult following, then you need to funnel them from somewhere else such as your website or your Instagram profile.

Find a Strong Professional SEO Team to Help You

Getting help from single SEO experts is fine, but it is like trying to paint a mile-long bridge with the help of just one person. In many cases, you are going to need a team of experts to help keep your SEO campaign going. If you have read and exhausted all the advice that service for SEO in New York can offer, then consider a new SEO service that works for you; a team of experts who spend hours every day making sure your SEO campaign doesn’t lose momentum. Hire a long-established and trusted team from a company like Website Depot Inc and start making some long-term progress with your SEO campaign.