Is your site ready for the next Google Update?

Is your site ready for the next Google Update?


Google Update

Internet marketing

has turned to be a must have for any business that want to thrive in the competitive market place. You must ensure that your business is present on line so as to be able to compete favorably with your competitors. Google is one of the search engines that play a vital role in online marketing. You should ensure that your business is visible on Google as it will make your business to be popular and hence increase the sales of your business. SEO strategies are being focused on optimizing websites to make them more friendly and have an informative content that Google crawler search and fix them.

Google uses motre than 100 factors to rank a website. It changes these algorithmic factors frequently to get better search results and penalize the websites that fails to follow the guidelines that it has set. Your website require algorithms updates such as penguin, panda and Hummingbird so as to avoid being penalized by Google for failing to follow some of its guidelines. These updates assist the Google in identifying those sites that have been breaching its quality rules. Google said it will integrate panda updates into the existing algorithm updates which illustrates that web rankings will not be much affected. Google updates also enables the search engines to structure the existing information properly and make that information to make more sense to those who are seeking the information.

Since the Google updates are inevitable you should plan on how you will adapt to it. You can hire an SEO expert to handle these updates by optimizing your website to give your business success in the search engine marketing.

Every business needs to consider its SEO strategy in order to survivor in these updates and avoid Google penalties. To deal efficiently with these updates you should regularly do an audit of the SEO on your website so as to identify the pages that have duplicated internally and find out the broken links. This will guide you on where you need to correct so as to avoid the penalties from Google. You should also ensure that you have an informative and quality content on your in your site so as to get more social interactions. This will enable you to increase traffic and organic links on your site.

The panda update shifts your business link building to focus on god quality of the sites that offers back links to you and your content. This makes your business to have a good reputation hence attracting many people to your business.

Be checking frequently if your site is complying with the guidelines of all updates so as to be on safe side always. At SEO expert Danny we will help you to prepare for the Google update and help you to optimize your site.