Simple Ways Lawyers Can Improve Their Online Marketing Right Now 

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A law firm is unlike any other business. 

Regular people have to pick one law firm out of so many to place their trust (and often much more) in. 

However, in many ways, a law firm is like other businesses, too. 

For example, it needs effective online marketing. 

So many of the articles I come across that mention “SEO for lawyers Los Angeles” or something like that start from an odd place. They seem to assume that the lawyer has never heard of online marketing or perhaps never considered it until just a few minutes ago. 

That may have been true a few years ago, but it certainly isn’t true now. 

We’re grateful to have so many lawyer clients that we’ve been able to help to grow their business online. 

Often, we find that lawyers have what’s necessary to expand their business online with some tweaks. 



A Comprehensive Profile 


At Website Depot, we have lawyer clients who practice so many different kinds of law. Personal injury attorneys, workers comp, and so forth – if there’s a law that’s practiced, we have a client who’s very good at it. 

Many of our clients, at one point or another in their practice, make profiles. Maybe they make them of prospective jurors during a voir dire, perhaps they do them of witnesses, and others. But, many law firms will, at some time, draw up a thorough profile of a person. 

One way to help your law firm right now: make a profile of your prospective client. Another way to think of this is “target audience.” 

It could be the target audience for your social media, your blogs, your video marketing, and more. 

How old are they? Where do they live? What do they do? What are their lives like? 

Obviously, you don’t want to limit your firm too much. 

But, by using your (already great) ability to profile people, you can improve your marketing. 

Many times, (especially with social media marketing) lawyers will just kind of “post into the void.” They’ll post what comes to mind, what they’re thinking about, what they think could be effective, etc. This can help a business to grow, but it’s not a plan. It’s not a strategy. 

By having this profile, you can have a clear (or at least clearer) idea of what you’re aiming for. 



A Little Value Goes a Long Way 


“But what do I talk about?” 

That’s one of the more common questions we’re asked by lawyer clients in regards to blogs, content, video marketing, podcasting, etc. 

One thing I always tell them to keep in mind: “a little bit of value goes a long way. If you can think of something that will help someone’s life, that you wish they knew, then we’ll be way ahead of the game.” 

You might read that and think: “OK, but just one thing? Isn’t that going to be short?” 

Well, I’ve found that “one thing” rarely stays at “one thing.” 

A lawyer who gives “a little bit of value” usually ends up expanding on it, explaining it in further detail. That’s how a sentence becomes a blog post, a tweet becomes a video, a piece of advice becomes a podcast. 

For many, a detailed, thorough, thought-out-in-advance outline isn’t the best way to prepare and organize their thoughts. 

Instead, have one, good, solid bit of value. 

Those are just a couple of the ways that we help lawyer clients. As you might imagine, there are many, many more. For help with growing your SEO for lawyers in Los Angeles (or any other kind of business online), you can reach us at (888) 477-9540.