Simple Environmental Tips from Our Digital Marketing Company

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The environment is, as we’re told, everyone’s responsibility. But, you can’t save it alone. However, by taking little actions each day, you can help. Even better, these little steps don’t have to be great sacrifices. In fact, they don’t have to be sacrifices at all. Instead, there are little, easy steps that you can take which are good for the environment, yes, but also will make your life a bit easier, too. I do these when I can in the course of working for our agency of digital marketing in Los Angeles as well as when I’m off the clock, too. 

One Water Bottle and One Bag 

Wherever I go, I try to bring one water bottle. Just one. Sure, sometimes, I forget. There are places where, frankly, you can’t bring a water bottle with you. But, wherever possible, I have my one water bottle. I can refill it plenty of times. 

On those occasions where I can’t take my water bottle into a location, I’ll use one they have there, sure. But, I’ll do everything I can to refill it multiple times, too. The idea of using multiple water bottles, whether it’s in the office, in my home, in a green room, or anywhere else, is ridiculous. Despite being worse for the environment, it just makes for more trash, more that has to be dealt with. Having one water bottle is just easier to keep track of. 

By that same token, I carry my bag with me everywhere. That way, I can carry my water bottle and anything else I might need with me. I shop often, so it makes sense to have my bag with me. It cuts down on having to buy all of those ten cent bags at the store, sure. But, it’s good for the environment as well as my peace of mind (since I have what I need with me). 

Safety in Numbers: Carpooling 

Whenever possible, carpool. It’s not always feasible. But, when you can, carpooling, giving a ride or getting one, is good for the environment. Going to the office, from the office, to the show, home from it, etc. “Carpooling,” of course, in this context, can mean driving someone or it can also mean taking a rideshare together. 

This is good for the environment, as it’s less gas, less cars out there, etc. But, if there’s one thing I have learned in the last few years, it’s that there’s real value in doing things together, as a group. By being together in a carpool, there’s a nice little sense of community being together. Again, you don’t have to carpool for every trip for the rest of your life, but, when you can, every little bit counts. 

That said, the ultimate form of “carpooling” is to take mass transit. Public transportation is a simple, easy, and safe way to get to wherever it is that you want to go. Yes, it may take a bit longer, but, it does save plenty of money. Should you be able to, you might be able to get some work done while you’re on public transportation, too.