Come Meet Our Team at Our Next Google Partners Connect Event April 19th

Google Partners Connect
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The next Google Partners Connect event takes place on April 19th inside of our main offices in Silver Lake. This year, Google is putting together Partners Connect streams specific to industries.  In the coming months, Partners Connect events will cover online marketing techniques specific to the automotive, online video, classifieds, home services, business to business, healthcare and retail industries.

For the April event, viewers will be taken through the ins and outs of selling cars online.  It may be news to some that Google has an Automotive Sales Division.  Peter Leto, who heads that division, will be the primary speaker for the car-themed talk.  Leto has worked with small sellers and dealers in the industry as well as the automotive giants of Detroit on optimizing their return on investment in advertising, among other things. Also speaking during the April livestream is Fred Vallaeys, a Google AdWords expert who worked at Google from 2002 to 2012.

Likely to be discussed is the mixture of creativity, technical prowess, and strategy it takes to get seen by those who are most likely to buy from you.  Whether you’re trying to sell your car(s) as an individual or as a dealer.  The event is also ideal for anyone who owns or operates a car dealership or car website.  If you’re a seasoned car seller, or thinking about selling one or more cars online, then this event is for you.

In a series of special industry Partner Connect Events taking place in 2017, this live web feed will tailor to business owners in the automotive sales industry.

The event is a livestream with our hosts from Google in Mountain View.  During the event, viewers are invited to submit some of their question via Twitter so they are answered live by the expert hosts.

Contact us online to RSVP or call 323-912-1105.