Signs the Freelance SEO Expert is an Online Swindler

SEO web design in Los Angeles

If you have enough experience dealing with freelancers who do SEO web design in Los Angeles or supposed SEO expert freelancers, then you will come to learn a few patterns of misbehavior. They are the sort of tricks that online swindlers pull, and that most clients are defenseless against. In some cases, you need to be burned a few times before you learn, and in other cases there is literally no way to guard against a swindler ripping you off with the exception of simply need spending the money. Here are a few online swindler tricks to look out for.

Faking Results And Claiming Success

There are Chinese click farms out there where hundreds of Smartphones are linked up to a computer. Each has their own phone number and even their own phone service, IP address and so forth. A large computer controls what they do, which allows a single user to control what looks like hundreds of viewers, clickers, likers, etc.
An online swindler will make a few bold claims about the things they can do with your website or social media account. They claim they will do a bunch of search engine friendly things, and then a few days later you suddenly see clicks or results, and you think you got a good deal. However, where you spent $5000 for a top notch SEO service, they spent $20 on buying visitors and clickers for your website, all of which do nothing to help you, and none of which buy from you.

Claiming to Tick Boxes That Do Not Need Ticking

This is a nasty trick that some online SEO swindlers try to pull. They will either offer
SEO web design in Los Angeles
and give you nothing more than a run-of-the-mill template website or they will offer to fix up your on-page SEO and simply do a bunch of things you do not need.
They do things like create lists of articles from other websites, claiming you will get backlinks because of it. They will pay for backlinks that do nothing for your SEO, and they will add lists of keyword-heavy links to your own pages, which add nothing to your search engine ranking. In short, they do a series of supposed SEO services that do not help you rank up the search engines in any way.

Saying They Succeeded

SEO web design in Los AngelesThis trick is infuriating by the fact it occurs so often. The swindler will claim a series of actions have been conducted, and despite you seeing no improvement in your traffic numbers or search engine ranking, they still claim they did a good job, and they start demanding payment. They do all sorts of things like share your website on Facebook groups in other countries, and then claim they shared your link 3000 times, despite the fact you didn’t get a single visit from anybody from those Facebook groups. In short, you are told some stuff has been done, there is no proof of any success, and they still demand payment because they claim they were successful in holding up their part of the deal.
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SEO web design in Los Angeles
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