Signs That Your Local SEO Expert is Right For You

Local SEO Expert
Does your Local SEO Expert have a proven track record? Getting proof of a track record is a little tricky since their old clients are probably not going to want their details spread around the Internet. Yet, you should expect to see some sort of proof that the company you are hiring has some experience. Be wary of testimonials and positive reviews because they can be faked.

If your SEO company has a hard time proving its top track record, then it may be a sign that the SEO company is not for you. Here are a few other signs that the SEO company you are interviewing are not right for your company.


They Have a Very Defined Definition of SEO

Ask a poor quality SEO expert about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and they will give you a textbook answer about keywords, backlinks, social media, analytics and so forth. A genuine expert will happily admit that none of that stuff matters without worrying they will lose your business. A lot of what supposed SEO experts say about backlinks, keywords, etc., are all wax on a race car.The truth is that backlinks can help your search engine ranking, but how they help you, and why they are effective is going to depend on your business type, your website goals, your target audience, and what you intend to do with your viewers when they arrive.


They Talk About Multi-lingual Viewers

This is a danger sign unless you have asked for international attention from other countries who do not speak your language. Usually, warming you up to the idea of international viewers is a starting point towards them buying viewers from overseas click mills and then declaring it a victory when you get 20,000 views from Nigeria or parts of China.


They Do Not Speak in Terms You Understand

Do not mistake this for talking down to you. There is a massive difference between a company using buzzwords to mask their ineffectiveness, and people talking down to you as if you have never heard the word “Internet” before.For example, if the SEO company is going to, “Reclassify and restructure your on-page and off-page SEO to push a more streamline and effective dynamic.” If they are going to bolster that campaign with “Influencer fishing, backlink earning, and total social media saturation marketing,” then this is a big sign they are useless at their job.


What Tools Are They Using and Why

The tools they use are not that important. Frankly, a good developer can make their own tools and harvest whatever information they when from current tracking programs and whatever they install onto a website. The important thing is “Why” they use said tools. Some SEO “Experts” use certain tools because the tools themselves give the sort of advice that they themselves should be giving.For example, the Google developer tools for page speed are amazing and they offer lots of useful advice on how to speed up your website. The fact is that a poor quality SEO company could use these tools and many more, harvest their advice, and then pass off that advice as their own efforts. It is a cheap trick but is one you can perhaps avoid if you ask the SEO experts why they are using certain tools. If they cannot give you good reasons as to why they are using said tools, then perhaps they are just harvesting advice to re-sell to you for a profit.


Where to Start With My Local SEO Expert

Let’s say that you have found a professional and highly rated SEO expert like SEO Expert and you want to get started, you should temper your enthusiasm and start small. Begin with a smaller and lower-cost project to see how the SEO does. If you get the sort of long-lasting results you want, then you can scale things up a little and start investing more time and money into your SEO project. Take a look at what SEO Expert has to offer, you may be humbly surprised.