Should You Still Consider Press Release?

Should You Still Consider Press Release

Nearly everyone is on social media. People use Facebook, for instance, as their primary source of news. If that is the case, do you still need to use the traditional media, like press releases?

Some professionals are saying that press releases are still relevant; others would make an argument that they have become ineffective tactics.

So, are press releases dead?

The simple answer is “no.” They won’t leave anytime soon. However, they must only be used sparingly. If you do want to write a press release, you should include an enticing headline. It must be something that people would want to click.

Your release should be short and sweet. Then, don’t forget to include videos and graphs. To add extra flavor, try including quotes from industry thought leaders.

Since the release is for journalists, write your release for that audience. Then, promote it on social media.

Now, before you even publish it, make sure that your press release is newsworthy. To make it more relevant, it has to address an issue or solve a problem.

But don’t just depend on press releases. Make sure that your site has a blog that offers your audience updates, news, and information about your brand.

To notify journalists about your press release, you may use emails. Then, create content that encourages followers to engage on your social media channels. It is also ideal to take advantage of sponsored post that can be featured on Facebook and other outlets.

Benefits of Press Release

One of the primary advantages of a press release is that it increases traffic to your site, as long as you use the right keywords. It can also improve page ranks as your site starts to earn quality links.

The press release can also add fresh content to your social media channels. If it is an interesting post, people will share it with their friends and followers.

Should You Still Consider Press Release

Nintendo, for instance, gained 500,000 views a day after it released a press release on Business Wire. It proved that a release is, indeed, a valuable tool.

Although a release is ideal to boost traffic to your site, you should first build a relationship with influencers and journalists in your industry. From there, you can pitch your release.


The press release is not dead yet. If you wish to consider it, you need to create an impressive PR to ensure that journalists will pick it and make an article about it.