Should You Outsource SEO Services or Have an In-House Team?

SEO services
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You know you need SEO services for your business and you know not to just hire a freelancer. 

The question then becomes, should you put together an “in-house” team at your business? Or, alternatively, should you outsource SEO to an already-existing company? 

SEO services

A Question of Scale 

As your business changes, so too will your SEO. 

If you hire an in-house team, this can be a debilitating problem. 

Consider: if your SEO helps your business to grow, then you’re going to want to scale up your SEO. If you outsource your SEO, this is no problem. That team can simply expand your services, upgrade your package, etc. Then, your SEO will be able to keep pace with the growth of your company. 

With an in-house team, this process becomes much more onerous. 

Then, whenever it becomes time to upscale your SEO, you have to go through the process of hiring new people. Or, you have to change the responsibilities of those who are already working for you (thus jeopardizing what you’ve already done). 

The same also holds true should you need to scale your SEO back a bit. 

Again, with an outsourced team, any change in your SEO can be done with an email, essentially a “flip of the switch.” 

Alternatively, scaling back SEO, even for a very brief period of time, with an in-house team requires taking responsibilities away from someone, potentially even having to let them go (and then bring them back/hire someone else new when it’s time to scale up again). 

SEO services

The Time Involved 

Getting started with an outsourced SEO company (or, rather, the right outsourced SEO company) is easy. 

You meet with them, they develop a strategy, you approve it/make some suggestions/changes, and then it’s up and running. 

Yes, any good SEO strategy takes time. But, with an outsourced company, it can be implemented relatively quickly. 

An in-house team can take much, much longer. 

For starters, there’s the word “team.” Meaning: you have to hire one. 

So, you have to find applicants, interview them, then choose (hopefully) the right ones. 

Additionally, you need to bring in all of the right equipment, make sure they have it, etc. 

Then, the team has to get to know each other, figure out what works best for them, and so forth. 

Finally, after all that, they can come together to develop a strategy and (finally) implement it. 

Remember: even if you hire the best, most experienced SEO professionals for your in-house team, they’re still going to be an inexperienced team. 


Because they’re inexperienced at being on that particular team. 

So, you have to factor in the amount of time it will take them to get used to working together, and so forth. 

Outsourcing your SEO to a team or hiring your own in-house team is a comparison from “a few days” to “months at the very least.” 

SEO services


Many business owners believe that it’s cheaper to hire an in-house team than it is to outsource your SEO. 

“It’s your team, of course, it should be cheaper,” you might think. 

That’s almost never the case, however. 

Outsourced teams tend to have flat rates as well as “a la carte” pricing for individual services. 

Hiring an in-house team, however, means that you’ll be paying for, well, every member of the team. They’re all on your payroll. Each will have its own prices, demands, and so forth. 

Even if you’re doing it “on the cheap,” that’s still going to add up. Besides, if you are paying them on the cheap, odds are you aren’t going to get the highest quality work, either. 

Outsourcing your SEO can cost much, much less, both in the long run and from the moment you get started. 

Outsourced SEO Services Packages

Getting started with SEO for your company can feel a little bit overwhelming. We understand. 

It’s one of the reasons that we offer many different SEO packages. 

That way, you can find the one that’s right for your business. 

While it can be tempting to get the biggest package, it might not be the one that’s the best fit for your business where it is right now. 

Of course, as your business grows, so too can your SEO. 

Done right, SEO services can be a kind of “perpetual motion engine,” one that grows your business and grows with your business. 

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