Should People Use Consultants to Conduct SEO for Law Firms?

SEO for law firms

SEO for Law Firms is no easy task. You have to remember that law firms have plenty of money to throw around on advertising and having technology companies fix up their websites. If you decide to cheap out on your advertising and SEO, then your competitors are going to eat you alive. If you have a law firm, then you need to spend the money.

Aren’t Consultants Too Expensive?

A consultancy firm is going to charge you massive amounts of money. They are going to bleed you dry if you let them, but you can get a lot out of them if you know how to handle them. Also, you can pick consultants that are reasonably priced for your budget. The idea that you have to go for the biggest names is a little silly and a little elitist. Why not search out a consultancy that specializes in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for law firms rather than searching out a general/larger consultancy.

Dug in Like Ticks

There are two ways that a consultancy will dig their way into their company like ticks into the skin of a hell hound. The first is to set up project after project so that you need to keep hiring them to see each project through. The second is to set up systems and processes that require their frequent input. A good example of this is from the old days when CMS programs like WordPress didn’t exist. Consultancies would set up websites and they were the only ones who could alter it, so companies had to keep rehiring them to update their website.

Manage Their Billable Hours

You will be surprised what a consultancy thinks of as billable hours. An old trick is to set up meetings with various members of your staff and then charge you for them. More modern tricks involve working on your analytics with no results to show of it and doing general research for which they have no results to show. You need to make sure that you understand exactly what they are going to charge, perhaps by getting a fixed figure or fixed allotment of hours before you start the contract. Talk to people who deal with consultancies and read up on the tricks that consultancies pull.

Do You Need a Consultancy?

As mentioned in the introduction, your competitors are going to be using consultancies. They are going to be using advertising agencies and very expensive marketing methods, so you may fall behind if you cheap out on things. Since the larger consultancies will charge you a house and a small villa just for the opening conversation, you should consider a smaller consultancy and search engine service first.

Consider hiring a team of professionals who have experience with SEO for Law Firms, such as hiring professionals from Website Depot Inc. See how far they can push online marketing and website. Then, when you are making serious headway with your online campaign, perhaps consider hiring a consultancy to add a little flavor to your online reputation.