Should Lawyers Start a Blog and Hire an Attorney SEO to Promote It?

Should Lawyers Start a Blog and Hire an Attorney SEO to Promote It

Yes and yes. Lawyers can benefit from starting a blog. But what is a blog without an audience to read the entries? This is where attorney SEO comes in. 

Promote Your Blog with the Help of an Attorney SEO

Before you even start a blog, keep in mind that lawyers have to follow strict regulations about advertising for services. As you get a complete grasp of those rules, you can show your potential clients that you’re a capable lawyer. But, as mentioned earlier, you need to promote your blog. Your potential clients can’t find it if you don’t promote it. 

Get Known, Get Recognized

Blogging is your chance to showcase your skills and capability as a lawyer. You can promote your services through your blog to a diverse pool of potential clients. It also makes your law firm more visible to them. Even though they won’t hire you now, your name will be known. And when the time comes that they need a lawyer, they’ll contact you. 

How to Promote Your Blog? 

Having a blog can help promote your legal services. However, it is just part of a puzzle. How will your potential clients find it? You need to optimize it for your users and the search engine. SEO is vital so that your blog will be visible each time a potential client searches for your services online. 

Provide Quality Content 

The key to promoting your blog or site is to share vital information. Search engines will not recognize your blog immediately. But as you consistently offer valuable posts to your potential clients, you’ll land on top of the SERPs for certain terms you are targeting for. However, writing helpful articles can only do much. You also need technical SEO. It means that you have to optimize your meta title, heading, and description, as well as other aspects of your site. This is where hiring an SEO agency becomes vital. 

Be Updated on What’s Going On 

At some point, you will not know what to write about. Since blogging is a conversation, you must know the current events related to your services. You can add your commentary to your blog. To keep yourself updated on what’s going on in your niche, make sure to use news aggregators. They can help you keep track of the events in your space. If you fully optimize your blog, your story might be picked up by Google News and other news outlets. 

Avoid Promoting Your Law Firm’s Merits

It can be useful. However, you must not use your blog to shout out your achievements. Instead, use it as a way to share useful information with your clients. Answer frequently asked questions in your niche. When you do this, you’re making yourself a valuable resource that potential clients go to when they need a lawyer or are interested in law. 

Blog Promotion is Challenging

It can only be challenging if you don’t get the help of an attorney SEO agency. Check out the services of SEO Expert Danny today to know more about how you can boost your blog’s success.