Short and Long Term Success: Lessons from Long Term Care Marketing

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Every industry faced marketing challenges recently. 

Long-term care might have faced more than most. 

There’s much in how they responded that can help your business, regardless of your industry. If long-term care marketing can bounce back, you probably can, too. 

This article covers quite a bit about how a company can get into the best position. 

What makes long-term care marketing different from many other forms of marketing is that they usually aren’t marketing to the person who’s going to use the service. Instead, they’re marketing to the children/relatives of the person who’ll use the service.

So, they have to be able to market locally as well as to people who might be far away (since that’s where the kids/relatives might be). 

These are some tips that our web design and SEO services company recommends keeping in mind that can help your company no matter what. 

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Take Care of the Essentials 


At its gist, that’s what the article I linked to above is about. 

Having a responsive, well-designed website. Building a “database of real, positive reviews.” Posting strategically and consistently, while providing “conversational content” and avoiding “all fear-based tactics.” 

In all things, using “FAQs… photos, information on services provided and their benefits, fun information…” and so forth. The article meant it in the context of social media, but it’s great for posts, videos, podcasts, and more. 

Additionally, they suggest “virtual tours.” Obviously, that’s going to be a very important facet of long-term care marketing.

However, if your company doesn’t really require something like a virtual tour, video marketing can fill that niche well. 

All of that is very important for your company’s growth, regardless of what you do. That said, it’s the beginning. It’s the foundation. I’m not saying “it’s the bare minimum you need to succeed,” but I can say that just about every company that is successful with online marketing has that. 

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Don’t Forget to E-A-T


“E-A-T,” in the context of online marketing, is an acronym for “expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.” It’s a major part of how Google ranks companies in certain industries referred to as “YMYL.” It’s an acronym for “Your Money Your Life.” 

The healthcare sector is one such industry. 

Recently, a higher-up at Google was asked about how to “increase traffic and visibility” for a medical ecommerce site. 

You can read the full quote at the link, but some excerpts include: “… especially for medical topics, anything that’s a little more critical, I would also keep in mind everything around the EAT.” Additionally: “kind of make sure that the site that you’re providing represents like a really high standard. And that the content is of really high quality and that it’s put together by people who understand what they’re doing.” 

Again, this is in the context of “medical ecommerce” but it can apply to anything else. 

While industries that aren’t classified as “YMYL” may not be held to the same “EAT” standard, why not meet it? 

Regardless of what someone at Google says, you want to be seen as having expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. That should be true whether you’re a lawyer, a rehab, an airport shuttle service, an online retail store, or anything else. 

“EAT” can only help you. Even if Google doesn’t rank you higher for it specifically (and it very well may) people who come to your site will remember it for sure. 

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Work With Those Who Can Help 


I was trying to figure out exactly how I wanted to approach today’s blog when that ad appeared. 

This is the kind of cross-promotion that any company should seek out. 

Orkin, no doubt, has plenty of clients who are long-term care facilities. So, they bought ads on this site (where decision makers for long-term care facilities are more likely to be). 

There’s some company, probably in your area, right now, that could work out something similar with you. 

Perhaps you’re not a company whose name is synonymous internationally with your service, as Orkin is. 

However, maybe you could partner with someone who you could work with just as synergistically. If nothing else, you could donate/buy food for a local cause. 

Once you start looking for opportunities like this, it’s easier to see them. But, you have to start looking in the first place. 

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