SEO Trends That You Would See In 2017

SEO Trends That You Would See In

Do you have an SEO strategy for next year? If not, make sure to refine it to align with the predicted SEO trends for 2017. In this post, you will learn about some of the SEO trends that you must consider for your next year’s campaign.

Related Keywords

When creating a post, you should not repeat a single phrase. Instead, use relevant keywords throughout your post. Furthermore, it is vital that you insert the main keyword in the title, first and last paragraphs, image’s filename, as well as ALT text and title text.

To get some ideas on what related keywords to use, you should consider other tools online besides Google Adwords Keyword Planner. After getting those keywords, download them to an Excel spreadsheet. From there, you can choose the top five related keywords that you can use throughout your page or post.


Google wants every website to be mobile-friendly. Its speed on mobile must also be fast. Having a responsive web design is vital if you do not want to disappoint your visitors. The themes offered at SEO Expert Danny are all responsive. They are functionality and run at optimal pace. The staff of SEO Expert Danny can tell whether or not your current website is running at its best speed. If not, they can provide you some recommendations on how to improve.

You may also use an online web page tester that can test whether or not your site is running at its best possible speed. As long as it is fast to load, it is useful for users. And we all know what is right for your users is also good for the search engine giant. Having a fast website with gorgeous design will be a huge hit for both users and search engine bots.

SEO Trends That You Would See In 2017

Human Satisfaction

The current algorithm of Google includes artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, no one has mastered it yet. Then again, if your website could satisfy human visitor’s expectations, then it should also satisfy the Google’s.


To know whether or not your SEO is working, make sure that your site is conversion-focused. In 2017, it is no longer about being number 1 for a particular keyword. Rather, it is about being number 1 for the phrase that can give you highest conversions. That is, the phrase has to give you sales and not just traffic.

In modifying your SEO strategy, however, make sure that you comply with Google Webmaster Guidelines. It is also vital that you keep an eye on your site’s health through Google Search Console and Google Analytics.