SEO Tips To Get Your Kickstarter Campaign To Rank Higher

SEO Tips To Get Your Kickstarter Campaign To Rank Higher

Kickstarter is a place where you can search for innovative games, documentaries or launching advanced products. It enables entrepreneurs to secure funding without taking out a loan. Although it sounds simple, it’s not easy to get potential backers to see your campaign to rank higher.

Lay the Foundation

In addition to having an amazing product, start your campaign by building an audience. It must be four mounts in advance. But determine your ideal customers, first, and create buyer personas. The data you used in creating buyer personas can be utilized in launching a content marketing campaign. Use SEO techniques and PPC campaign to generate more buzz and drive more traffic to your campaign. To lay the foundation for your campaign, make a blog. It’s where the people who are interested in your product can go to if they want to know more information about your project.

Don’t forget your landing page. It encourages visitors to sign up for your email list and receive future updates. Then, you must have an amazing content to get an early buzz. Use buyer personas to know the kind of content your audience will likely to share. Of course, you must promote your content on your social media channels. You can even send out press releases to leading publications. All these things are vital to have an enthusiastic audience who can’t wait for the launch of your product.

SEO Tips To Get Your Kickstarter Campaign To Rank Higher

Start Your Campaign

Launch your campaign based on realistic goals. Keep in mind that the most successful Kickstarter campaigns have raised less than $10,000. Thus, don’t expect yours to accumulate funding of $500,000.

To improve your campaign, make sure that you offer rewards. Your potential backers want to donate because they want to be part of the project. One of the rewards you can use is to add their names to your site or allow them to attend to your exclusive event. Make your campaign run for 30 days or less. While the campaign is still ongoing, make sure that you captivate your audience’s attention. Once your product is launched, focus on creating content and CTA with a sense of urgency.

Maintain the Campaign

If you wish to retain a sizable audience, continue attracting new people by blogging and guest blogging. Then, email your list, tweet your followers and send a press release.

And monitor your performance and goals. In this way, you’ll know whether or not your campaign is meeting its goals. If not, boost your communications and offer additional rewards to increase traffic and funding.