SEO Tips for Youtube Videos

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Top Tips on SEO for YouTube Videos


has turned to be an indispensable tool for marketing, whether one is a performing artist or operating small website for eCommerce. This facility is essential and powerful in carrying out promotional endeavours of any subject matter of interest within whichever niche. The internet search engine for video content helps in generating traffic to a given website. It also boosts traffic onto a blog linked to it, thus helping one to attain success in affiliate marketing. However, YouTube has become quite a saturated marketing platform, especially with webmasters uploading larger volumes of videos. This makes it necessary to consider employing SEO tactics to provide visibility of such digital content online. One may achieve this objective through a number of initiatives.

Optimizing Video Title

Ensure the keyword or key phrase utilized on your website appears at the start of your video title. This is a very critical measure to observe. Avoid overstuffing your SEO title, however, with an excessive number of keywords.

Add Captions and Texts into Video Content

Remember to add keywords into captions and texts within your videos. This should aid them significantly to improve their rank within search engines.

Video Description

When writing a unique video description, begin with the keyword or key phrase. You also might desire adding your key phrase or keyword again into the body of this description.

Introduce a Link to the Video within your Description

Copy-paste the video URL link into the description too. This creates a back-link to the video each time it gets bookmarked on social media or embedded on a different blog or website.

Promote Additional Likes on Videos

Ask all social connections, such as family members, landlord, college friends or any other individual to like your YouTube videos. You may also write a brief post requesting readers to endorse your latest video, which you could embed within the post itself.

Promote Sharing of Videos across Social Media Sites

Remember social networking sites have a strategic role in the performance of SEO. Share videos via social bookmarking tools such as StumbleUpon, Digg, Pinterest, along with social networking sites such as Google+ and Facebook.

Select the Appropriate Category

Choosing the right category is a critical factor for your video to succeed in online marketing. As such, avoid selecting non-related categories simply for reasons of popularity. Selecting unrelated categories might just confuse potential viewers and could even get your video blacklisted on YouTube.    

The above SEO tips are vital to follow when performing SEO for YouTube. Ensure finding an SEO consultant well-versed with this field for specialized assistance too.