SEO Tips to Boost Traffic

SEO Tips to Boost Traffic

SEO has a bad reputation because of the spammy techniques that some webmaster have implemented. However if you optimize your site legitimately, you should see the SEO benefits as your rankings and traffic would improve.

Now, if you’re legally optimizing your site, but it doesn’t improve anything on your traffic, then you might want to try these SEO tips that are proven to boost traffic.

Use the right keywords

Keywords are a shortcut for the search engine to know what your page is about. Thus, if your page is about SEO tips, your keyword should be SEO tips. Make sure that such key phrase is inserted in the SEO title, page title, meta description, URL, and page content.

To find the right keywords, use the Google Keywords Planner. It’s also useful to conduct a Google search to find other best ranking articles for a particular keyword and know what those writers are doing. Then, make your story better than the existing articles with the same keywords as yours.

Write in-depth articles

Drafting the bare minimum wouldn’t increase your site’s ranking. It’s tempting to write a 100-word introduction and embed a video. But this type of article is likely to be ignored by Google.

Instead of writing short articles, aim to create an in-depth article. It makes your content more authoritative and may help you earn more followers and fans.

Use an SEO plugin

That is if you’re using WordPress as your content management system. This platform is super versatile, and millions of websites use it. With that in mind, the community has grown to the point that you can easily find an SEO plugin that can further help your site’s ranking.

A reliable SEO plugin lets you change your site’s SEO title and meta description. Then, you can edit your robot settings and other things that can fully optimize your site for the search engines.

SEO Tips Boost Traffic

Optimize images for search engines

Image optimization is a super simple SEO tip, but it’s also a super effective method that enables the search engine to know what the image is about.

To optimize the picture, you should use ALT text. For example, if you have a photo of a woman doing sit-ups, you should describe the image as “a woman doing sit-ups” as the ALT text. Then, change the filename of the image. Instead of photo123, change it to “womanddoingsitups.jpeg”

Apart from these four SEO tips, it’s also vital that you speed up your site. You may ask your web developer on how to accelerate your site so you can retain your visitors in the process.