SEO Techniques You Must Avoid

SEO Techniques You Must Avoid

It’s a mistake to ignore SEO to boost organic traffic. However, it’s also a big mistake if you use SEO techniques that are no longer valid.

The use of antiquated SEO can do more harm than good. Unfortunately, some companies are still using them without realizing the negative effects of what they’re doing.

So, if you wish to do SEO right, you should avoid these SEO techniques.

Overusing keywords

It’s true that keywords are vital to your SEO campaign’s success. However, if you overuse them, they’ll work against you. It’s especially true if you’re stuffing content with keywords in replacement of delivering quality content.

Placing keywords in anchor text

This strategy was useful. If you’re going to use it today, you can get a penalty from Google and other search engines. Google considers it as a link scheme. If you do it all the time, your rankings will go down.

Instead of using keywords in the anchor text, you may use a branded URL. That is, your company’s name is the link. Or you can also use a long-phrase keyword as the link.

Writing duplicate content

Duplicate content can instantly lower your ranking. That’s because search engines won’t know which version came first. This type of content is usually found in the product description, where you cut and paste the information from the manufacturer’s site.

You may also overuse quotes or comments from other locations.

To know if you have duplicate content, you may use Copyscape. It’s a tool that searches your site and identifies pages with duplicate content. From the result, you should try to replace duplicate content with unique, original writing.

SEO Techniques You Must Avoid

Allowing low-quality guest posts

Guest posts can be lucrative. You may enjoy receiving money from other blog owners who wish to get a link back to their site. However, this tactic might be hurting your SEO results. It’s especially true if you’re accepting low-quality content.

That said, make sure that the guest post adheres to a high-quality set of standards. These rules will include a set of word count, relevant content, free of grammatical and spelling errors. It’s also vital that you only use royalty-free images.

The next time you accept guest posts, make sure that they pass the quality control standard.


These mistakes are tricks and gimmicks that can hurt your search engine rankings. By staying clear of them, you can boost your SEO efforts. You should focus on having a long-term strategy but pay attention to regular changes. In this way, you can adapt wherever and whenever necessary.