SEO Tactics You Must Not Have

SEO Tactics You Must Not Have

Are you preparing for your future SEO tactics? If you are, you might consider tactics that are already dead and buried years ago. We know them because our clients would ask us about them when they inquire about how SEO works.

In this post, let’s discuss the SEO tactics that you must avoid. You should never let some pseudo SEO experts talk you into implementing them to your site.

Have keyword-rich domain names

Having keywords in your domain can still help you rank better. The problem with some black-hat SEO specialists is that they buy all domain names related to their clients’ businesses hoping that they’d rank well.

For example, if business A is about weight loss supplements, the owner would buy domains, such as, and so on and so forth, on top of its main site domain.

This tactic could help if all domain names offer informative content. The problem with this strategy is that some business owners would buy more than 30 domains. Each site, they’d post thin content or duplicate post for the purpose of driving traffic to their main sites.

But, with today’s SEO, such tactic is no longer effective. In fact, it would hurt your chances of ranking higher in search engine results page.

So, if an SEO expert would recommend that you do this, run and hide. Instead of purchasing additional domains on top of your primary domain, you must first develop a good strategy and provide your customers unique and valuable content.

SEO Tactics Must Not Have

Keyword density

In this tactic, you’d need to mention the keyword for x number of times. In the early days, it was a necessity as it helped search engines to get a good grasp of your main topic.

Unfortunately, it was abused. And because search engines are getting smarter at making connections between the searcher’s intent and the content, keyword density is no longer an effective way to grab the search engine’s attention.
However, you still need to include your target keyword phrase on your page. But you must not focus on the density but worry about your site structure.

Obsessing over keyword rankings

It’s still vital that you monitor your rankings. But you must stop obsessing with them as if they’re the only thing that mattered.

Instead, monitor your organic traffic and get pages that align with your target keywords. Use keyword variations as it may help your traffic going up.

These SEO tactics can only damage your site’s ranking if you continue to implement them. Work with a reliable SEO specialist who can help you in ranking better using the right strategies that are aligned with Google’s best practices.