SEO strategies in 2014

SEO is a vital strategy for any online work. However, the specifics used have always remained dynamic. With search engines, specifically Google which is the industry standard, putting in place more stringent measures; it is obvious that some SEO strategies will be no more in 2014. However, whatever is dropping dead is of no use to us. We have to concentrate on those strategies that will be thriving in 2014 and therefore usable for online marketing. Even though SEO strategies are dynamic, the market and Google are static. In such a case, it would be expected that both on-page and off-page strategies would be still in demand.

On-page SEO strategies

User experience: this is the aspect of on-page SEO that is very vital and it is expected to become more relevant in 2014. When a visitor lands on any website, the first thing they get is the experience. The experience created by the web page is important in creating an impression. For example, when a person lands on a law firm website, the impression they should have is expertise and professionalism. The impression created is reassuring and will cause the visitor to contact you for services. For a restaurant firm, the experience expected is one of aesthetic wealth. For e-commerce websites, the experience is in research, viewing, and easy and fast buying.

Content and page architecture: this strategy will be more pronounced in 2014 especially with the increased use of touch screen devices to access the internet. Mobile devices and tablets are becoming more and more common. These are the devices, which are used to access the internet now. Therefore, it will be an important SEO strategy to ensure that pages and content are easy to access. The goal of this strategy in 2014 will be to make the information on websites easy to access.

HTML: as earlier said, Google and the market are static. As a result, it will be expected that HTML will be still in use in 2014. Such aspects contained in HTML include title, headers, and Meta description. Google and the other search engines use this information to crawl and understand pages as well as pull these for SERPs. Therefore, it will be expected that HTML will be a major SEO strategy and web designers will concentrate on it more. seo-strategies

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO forms an essential part of web design and optimization. Even though they help in promoting page rank, it is clear that page rank is not very relevant nowadays. Moreover, PR is being attached to age more than prominence. As such, it will be expected that this area will go radical changes in 2014. Some of those that will survive and still be relevant in 2014 include:

Social media: it is undoubted that social media carries one of the major online activities. Therefore, sharing content and links on social media platforms is expected to go to the next level in 2014. The essence of social media is becoming more and more relevant as search engines are now crawling some social media platforms. Google, for instance, crawls almost every other social media, with Google plus being top in the list.

Content and blogs: information is core in almost every off-page SEO strategy. It is expected that content and blogs will still form a solid base in off-page SEO 2014. However, the platform will prove useful for those who create high-quality and authentic content and blogs. Readers want relevant information that is true and credible. The other strategy that is expected to be common in 2014 is content curation. This comes hand in hand with linking. However, such linking strategies like guest commending are expected to die out.