The SEO Strategies to Implement in 2016

The SEO Strategies to Implement in

SEO can improve the overall revenue of your business. But it’s an ongoing initiative. Even if you have generated a steady stream of visitors, you still need to maintain and improve your SEO to keep your high rankings that you’ve been working so hard.

Outside of the basics, here are some of the SEO strategies that you could implement this year to better your website ranking.

Create powerful backlinks to your site

When you have an influencer and a robust marketing strategy, you can develop backlinks to your site. But it’s integral that you actively seek ways to get people to link to your site.

To do so, you may need to write for a larger publication. You may also wish to consider industry interviews. Then, don’t forget to recommend your useful content to people who really matter to your business.

You can either hire public relations or an SEO company with strong PR division to help you in achieving this goal. Working with an SEO company is beneficial as it can assist you in finding out who’s linking to your competitors.

An SEO specialist can also help you identify links to your competitor’s sites and analyze those links. Then, it will teach you how your competitors got those links and implement a strategy similar to your competitors and apply it to your website.

SEO Strategies Implement 2016

Create an influencer

In addition to that, it’s also helpful in creating an influencer who’s an expert in your niche. But what’s an influencer? You may ask.

An influencer is a person who people listen to over the Internet. When you have an influencer working with you, it will mean more links to your website. This individual will share your blog posts to his/her enormous number of followers.

This influencer can be from your company or someone with the same goals as you are.

Develop an ideal content marketing tactic

Nowadays, a website must have a content strategy that’s focused on top keywords. That said, it’s vital that you have videos, research reports, blog posts that will give people something that they can link to.

If the content is extremely useful, it can easily rank in the search engine. When you regularly create valuable content for your audience, it will result in better rankings for those content and lead to higher domain authority. It gives Google a signal that your site is alive, active and extremely beneficial to your target market.

It’s also a good idea that you make your site mobile ready. Of course, it must be fully secure. Outside of these tactics, it’s also essential that you follow the basic SEO practices.