SEO Strategies in 2015

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Which SEO strategies should you be adopting for 2015? There are numerous SEO strategies and while some have become obsolete through the years, others have grown in value; these signify the dynamic nature of SEO over the years. While there is not a specific strategy for each year or a strategy that starts and ends within a year, there are SEO strategies that predominate each year making them arguably the strategies of the year. These can be predicted based on trends in the industry which are determined by consumer trends and Google guidelines.

While consumer trends serve to dictate on the demand hence the appropriate method to serve and reach this demand, Google does regulate the methods used to avoid abuse of the consumer or provision of spam content that is poor in quality.




SEO strategies in 2015 are predicted to include;

Mobile SEO; it is no longer a secret that the majority of internet users are using mobile devices than computers. Given this fact, it is predicted that, SEO will be customized to target this ballooning market. For businesses that target online consumers, they will have no option than to reorient their marketing and SEO strategies to target the mobile-device user. Mobile devises provide users with exceptional ease when accessing the internet and especially on the go. With the use of mobile devices among them tablets and mobile phones increasing, this market will be well accommodated through mobile SEO.

Social media; the majority of internet users today are doing so through social media. The most popular of the many social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, PinInterest, and Instagram. These platforms have in a great way dictated SEO trends and with their use still increasing, it is expected that in 2015, social media will be a major SEO strategy to watch. Social media will present a number of strategies among them fun pages, social media mentions, followers, frequency of posting, and feedback. Social media pages with the majority of activity in terms of followers, frequency of posting, and high feedback will still continue to rank high and dictate social media SEO.

Over the time, one of the major phrases in SEO has been content is king. In 2015, it is expected that this statement will still be relevant and its significance will be more felt with Google, which is the industry standard, putting forward more guidelines to ensure quality and authentic content is published. So far, Google has managed to achieve this through the periodic updates that are meant to regulate the industry by streamlining the authenticity of strategies used.