SEO Services to Audit Page Titles for SEO

SEO services

Page titles are vital when optimizing your site for the search engines. That’s why at Website Depot, we offer full SEO services that include auditing your page titles. 

SEO services

Importance of Auditing Page Titles 

Throughout the year, you need to audit your page titles. You need this to make sure that your content is visible for the keywords you are targeting. But you need proper data when analyzing the keywords your content ranks for. You may use several tools to achieve this goal. Our SEO services include the use of a proprietary tool and other free tools, like Google Search Console. They are useful in cross-referencing quires that your content ranks in search. Researching using these tools will help you find keywords that drive traffic to your site and know if these queries are intentional or unintentional. Auditing your page titles can show you insights about how your content is doing. If you believe that it is unintentional, then you can modify the elements to rank higher for the keywords you are ranking well for. However, many of our clients wonder whether changing their page titles will cause their ranking to drop. When you audit your page title, you should not remove the key terms that are helping you get high traffic. However, if you modified your page content in a way that the title tag is no longer relevant, then you should consider changing the page title that reflects the keyword phrase. We recommend not changing your page title and keywords for the content that is driving your site high traffic. Instead, consider creating a new page with a title matching the new query. 

What is the Right Page Title 

When we audit our clients’ websites, we look at the page titles and determine whether or not they need to be shortened. The right page titles must not be too long or too short. Too long titles are truncated. Unfortunately, this affects your site’s click-through rate. Make sure that your title does not exceed 68 characters. Since the page title is vital, you need to optimize it for people. Google presents your title tag that entices users into clicking on the result and hopefully get an on-site experience. When creating a page title, consider adding your brand name if your potential customers will find some value in it. You may also add the location, but it depends on your company. 

Growing Your Business with Our SEO Services 

Website Depot offers research and analysis to create a customized SEO strategy for your company. We tailor it to ensure that the strategy meets your needs. On top of that, we also offer you social and search engagement services. Our SEO experts will give you complete social and search engagement tactics. They are vital to helping you generate leads and engage with those leads. Every month, we provide detailed reports of the progress. In this way, you will know whether or not your investment is all worth it. To help get started obtaining our SEO services, please contact us at (213) 322-0770